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A network switch is a device that provides a switching function in a data communications network. A network switch routes data transmissions such as ethernet packets between a set of network buses. Network switches, such as Ethernet switches, allow simultaneous connections between pairs of devices on a network and remarkably improve the bandwidth of a network compared with non-switching techniques, such as hubs which use a physically or logically common medium. A data network switch permits data communication among a plurality of media stations in a local area network. Data frames or packets, are transferred between stations by means of data network switch media access controllers. A network switch creates a network among a plurality of end nodes connected to one port of the network. The ports also serve to connect network switches together. Each end node sends packets of data to the network switch which the switch then routes either to another of the end nodes connected thereto or to a network switch to which the destination end node is connected. A network switch has several input and output ports for receiving and forwarding data transmission. Each input port may be linked to a network station or to a port of another network switch. A typical network switch also includes a crosspoint switch or other routing device which selectively routes packets between the network switch's input and ports. A digital switch typically has physical ports that are configured to communicate using different protocols at different data rates.

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  • B&B Electronics
    Manufactures ethernet serial device servers, ethernet infrastructure products, serial converters, serial cards, serial isolators and repeaters, serial data switches, telephone modems, buffered RF modem interface, wireless sensor networks, USB to serial converters, USB over ethernet, ethernet data acquisition, terminal blocks and fuse holders, power supplies and relays, relays, timers and voltage sensor. USA.
  • Bravo Communications, Inc.
    Designs and produces sure/fire surge-protected data switches, high-speed parallel line extender, universal serial line extender, high-speed serial line extender, datacom network port protectors, LAN protectors, telecom protectors, multi-port hub protectors, rackmount protection products, rackmount systems, and surge protection components. USA.
  • DYMEC, Inc.
    Specializes in industrial frame routers,network integration systems, ethernet terminal server, ethernet switch systems, ethernet media converters, and serial over fiber connectivity products for the rigors of power utility substations, carrier offices, and other distributed industrial environments. USA.
  • Force10 Networks
    Manufacturer of resilient Gigabit and 10 Gigabit Ethernet switching and routing. 10 Gigabit Ethernet switching and routing platform, Gigabit and 10 Gigabit Ethernet data center switch, network management system, and PCI cards. USA.
  • Glimmerglass Networks, Inc.
    Develops, manufactures intelligent optical switch that delivers low loss, fiber-to-fiber connections without regenerating optical signals so that customers can more cost-effectively manage 10 Gigabit Ethernet, 40 Gigabit/sec SONET/SDH, uncompressed HD or IP video and even wideband radio spectrum. USA.
  • N-TRON Corp.
    Develops, manufactures, and markets industrial ethernet switches, industrial media converter, and industrial peripheral products designed to solve the most demanding communications requirements for mission critical industrial, data acquisition, ethernet I/O, and control applications.
  • Opticomm Corp.
    Manufactures optical switching platform, digital video/audio/data transmission systems, digital broadcast (HD-SDI/SDI/DVB) systems, compact video systems, digital audio/FSK/intercom multiplexer, DVI mini visual interface extender, USB optical fiber extender, ethernet transceiver, data transmission modems, optical return receiver, network management status system, enclosures, racks and frames. USA.
  • PacketFront Sweden AB
    Provider of a unique combination of central control and automation systems and advanced routers for the most demanding broadband networks in the world. Products include access switching router, fibre and copper ethernet customer premises switch, control and provisioning system, subscriber management tool, and service selection portal.
  • Raven Electronics
    Manufacturer of analog and digital orderwire, alarm circuits, switched network interface system, multifunctional digital switch, VF and digital switch, and satellite earth station engineering service circuits with frame relay capabilities.
  • RuggedCom Inc.
    Manufacturer of rack mountable managed ethernet switches, small form factor managed ethernet switches, unmanaged ethernet switches, industrially hardened cyber security appliance, ruggedized serial-to-ethernet servers, and ruggedized fiber-to-copper media converters. Canada.
  • SwitchCore
    Develops, markets and sells integrated network devices for data, voice and video communication based on the ethernet standard. Specializes in semiconductors consist of switching and routing engines (gigabit ethernet switch/router) for Gigabit and Fast Ethernet. Sweden.
  • Sycamore Networks, Inc.
    Provider of intelligent optical switching products for telecommunications service providers, including intelligent optical switch, network management systems, and network planning tools. USA.
  • The Moxa Group
    Develops and manufactures ethernet switches, video-over-IP products, ethernet-to-fiber converters, SNMP OPC server, power supplies, universal communicators, network enablers, programmable gateways, multiport serial boards, USB-to-serial hubs, media converters, NPort device servers, wireless serial device servers, terminal servers, and modbus gateways.
  • Weed Instrument Company
    Designs and develops fiber optic converters and ethernet switches for industrial networking and process control, RTDs, thermocouples, thermowells, temperature transmitters, fiber optic converters, process switches. USA.
  • ZNYX Networks, Inc.
    Supplies embedded ethernet hardware to provide the telecommunications chassis switching infrastructure and network interface for high availability applications in carrier grade environments. Typical applications include firewalls, airborne Internet services, terabit routers, video media gateways, call server platforms, application servers, central office switching, voice-over-IP gateways, and wireless base stations. USA.

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