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Repeaters, also referred to as hubs or wiring concentrators, are widely used in computer or other networks, such as local area networks (LAN), wide area networks (WAN), and telecommunications networks. These devices allow interconnection of a number of network segments at the physical layer of the network protocol. In communication network a repeater is a type of relay station which receives, amplifies and retransmits the radio signals emitted by the base station of a radio network so that they can be received by the mobile stations in the radio network. Repeaters are used in data transmission networks utilizing wireless data transmission for covering base station shadow regions. A repeater in a network receives data from a data device and re-transmits the data to the remaining data devices attached to the repeater. Network repeaters are typically used to connect between network nodes, such as network stations serving as data terminal equipment (DTE) on different network media. Repeaters provide the advantage of extending the physical distance between network nodes by receiving a data packet from one network medium, reconditioning the physical signal, and outputting the data packet to a second network medium. A repeater typically contains a number of ports which connect computer systems. Repeaters often connect to other repeaters through a common data channel such as an expansion port, thus allowing communication between computer systems connected to different repeaters.

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  • ASIX Electronics Corporation
    Produces gigabit ethernet switch controller with embedded memory, fast ethernet MAC controller, gigabit ethernet controller, IC chips, dumb/intelligent hub repeaters, dual spead repeater, bridges, and switches. Taiwan, China.
  • Avvio Networks
    Manufactures optical regenerator/repeater, multi-function chassis, networks chassis modules, multi-function chassis, OEO switch point-to-point and point-to-multipoint, optical add/drop multiplexer with wavelength shifting, optical amplification and repeaters. USA.
  • GarrettCom, Inc
    Specializes in Ethernet LAN products including more than 100 standard product models divided among 10 Mb, 100 Mb, and Gigabit Ethernet switches, hubs, media converters, repeaters, concentrators, transceivers, and power supply units.
  • MRV Communications
    Supplies media converters, fiber optimizers, repeaters, cross-connects, transponders, plug-in interfaces, add/drop and multiplexing, pluggable WDM products, free-space optics products, chassis-based systems accepting interface modules, and fixed-form switches and routers, ethernet access products, and network management system. USA.
  • Powerwave Technologies, Inc.
    Global supplier of end-to-end wireless solutions for wireless communications networks. Powerwave designs, manufactures and markets antennas, boosters, combiners, filters, repeaters, multi-carrier RF power amplifiers and tower-mounted amplifiers and coverage solutions, all for use in cellular, PCS and 3G networks.

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