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A gateway is a network point that acts as an entrance to another network by translating between two different protocols. A gateway allows for communications between two networks that use different protocols, or which use the same protocols but do not otherwise communicate. A gateway routes data and controls information among the host computers during "sessions." Gateway processes the packets according to routing information and protocol conventions encapsulated in headers of the packets. During operation, the gateway makes decisions on how packets traverse the gateway from an input side to an output side. The data and control information can be organized into cells, packets, datagrams, or messages, depending on a communications protocol layer. Using gateways, a Web server can support data types and resources, and access information outside of the Internet. A gateway may contain devices such as protocol translators, rate converters, impedance matching devices, fault isolators, or signal translators.

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  • Acquisition Inc.
    Manufacturer of next-generation VoIP network gateways and PSTN Class 4 Tandem switches, soft switches and telecommunication billing systems, cellular information management system, network telemanagement system, and integrated protocols applications exchange gateway.
  • Adax Inc.
    Produces multi-purpose signaling gateways, integrated signaling protocol stacks, signaling blades, signaling communications controllers and protocol software, used in many combinations to build signaling, VoIP and media gateways, SGSN, GGSN, RNC and MSC signaling solutions for GPRS and 3G networks, billing and monitoring systems. USA.
  • AudioCodes Ltd.
    Product offerings include media gateway and media server platforms for packet networks in the wireline, wireless, broadband access and media server markets, also include analog and digital VoIP media gateways for enterprise, contact centers, IPCentrex and broadband access applications. Israel.
  • Convergent Networks
    Develops broadband telephony equipment that enables carriers to economically deliver innovative broadband services to residential and business customers over a common and global network infrastructure. Offers products consist of media gateway, media gateway, controller, management system, and signaling gateway. USA.
  • Cyber Digital, Inc.
    Designs and manufactures software controlled distributed digital voice switching infrastructure systems for public telephone network operators. Products include high speed routers, internet gateways, firewalls, servers, digital telephone exchanges, and wireless telephone exchanges. USA.
  • Digital Dispatch Systems Inc.
    Provider of turnkey wireless mobile data dispatching systems focusing on real-time dispatching, vehicle location and tracking, and computerized routing and scheduling. Products include multisite multichannel network controller, wireless network gateway, redundant base controller, network manager, portable and mobile data terminals.
  • Excel Switching Corporation
    Dedicated to designing and developing open services platforms to provide application developers with both IP and PSTN call control, media processing, and signaling. Product offering include converged services platform (an open services and media server platform), multi-services platform (a system supporting SS7 signaling and interoperability with IP and other network services), and integrated media gateway (providing multi-media services for next generation networks). USA.
  • NetContinuum, Inc.
    Provides web application firewalls secure mission-critical applications and protect against identity theft, data theft, application disruption, and fraud. Supplies secure application gateways secure high-value applications and additionally accelerate them, thereby simplifying data center management. USA.
  • Newtrax Technologies Inc.
    Provides OEMs and system integrators with the de facto standard low power wireless mesh network technology for monitoring and control applications in harsh environments. Produces wireless node embedded hardware products, internet gateway and server. Canada.
  • Nuera Communications, Inc.
    ORCA (open reliable communications architecture) product family of VoIP (voice over IP) gateways, softswitches, and management systems for cable and DSL networks, international long distance networks and enterprise networks. USA.
  • Optibase, Inc.
    Specializes in IPTV platforms, streaming gateways, DVB/PCI multiplexers, encoders and decoders, for IPTV (video over DSL/Fiber networks), post production and video contribution in the broadcast and cable industries and archiving, high-end surveillance, distance learning, and business television in the enterprise. Israel.
  • Tdsoft Ltd.
    Global provider of voice-over-IP (VoIP) gateways for carriers. Products include access gateways, media gateway, voice over broadband gateway, broadband access concentrator, and TDM gateways. Israel.
  • Wave7 Optics, Inc.
    Specializes in optical broadband access systems with an expanding FTTP product portfolio featuring a variety of architectural options, based on IP and Ethernet or ATM standards, for "triple play" voice, video and data services. USA.

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