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In computer networks a host computer system is normally connected to the network by a network adapter. Computer networks facilitate the interoperability of computer systems and allow a plurality of users to share various elements such as data, applications programs, peripherals, and communication links to other networks and files. Computer networks transfer data from one network node to another in the form of packets. In a network system in which local area networks (LANs) are connected to a backbone network via network adapters, each network adapter receives data concerning a LAN connected to itself. A local area network  is essentially a combination of two or more personal computers or workstations that are physically and logically connected to each other. In a typical computer system interconnected to a network, a network interface adapter (NIA) acts as an interface between the host computer and a computer network. The NIA performs the necessary interface functions for transmitting and receiving data over the computer network. In recent years, the speed of networking hardware enabling packet networks such as Gigabit Ethernet and InfiniBand to operate at speeds in excess of 1 Gb/s. Network interface adapters for these high-speed networks typically provide dedicated hardware for physical layer and data link layer processing. Network adapters specifically designed for particular networks, such as Ethernet adapter, Token Ring adapter are typically constructed around network specific chip sets supplied by integrated circuit manufacturers. A network adapter may be a board that plugs into the backplane bus of the host computer system. A network adapter may also be built into the CPU motherboard.

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  • 3Com Corporation
    Provider of network-based intrusion prevention systems that deliver in-depth application protection, infrastructure protection, and performance protection for corporate enterprises, government agencies, service providers and academic institutions.Products include IP telephony platforms, IP phones, hubs, LAN switches, network interface cards, network management tools, routers, embedded firewalls, wireless LAN access points, wireless LAN antennas and cables.
  • Allied Telesis, Inc
    Offers carrier-class access-edge products including layer 3 switches, residential gateways, network adapters, wireless adapters, wireless access points, media converters, modular enterprise routers, LAN switches, fiber/copper multiservice access platforms, ethernet expansion modules, expansion modules, mounting hardware, and diplexers. USA.
  • Madge Limited
    Global supplier of networking product solutions to enterprises, products include wireless enterprise access server, wireless access point, wireless PCMCIA adapter, wireless PCI adapter, mobile adapters, token ring adapters, and token ring switches.
  • SMC Networks
    Manufactures wireless adapters, wireless broadband routers, wireless access points, wireless multimedia receivers, wireless hotspot gateway, broadband firewall router, broadband QoS router, cable modem gateway, managed switch, workgroup switches, powerline to ethernet desktop adapter, and universal wireless cardbus adapter.

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