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Media converters are devices that convert data passing from one media to another, such as from fiber optics to twisted pair copper. Various electrical/fiberoptic media converters are used in the telecommunications industry to transmit voice, data and video signals. Media converter systems used in data networks to convert signal transmission between electrical signals and fiber optical signals typically includes an optical signal receiver circuit with a converter to change the optical signal into an analog electrical signal, a quantizer for converting the analog electrical signal into digital format, and an encoder for converting the signals from the quantizer into coding for wire transmission. A media converter has a pair of ports that are to be connected to a fiber optic cable and a UTP cable, respectively. For each of the ports, a physical-layer device that supports MII (media independent interface) conforming to IEEE802.3 standards is provided. A signal transformer is also included to isolate the receiver circuit from the media interface which is coupled to wire and optical cables. A media converter usually has a missing-link function such that, in case of disconnection in one link, the other link is automatically disconnected.

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  • Canoga Perkins Corporation
    Offers a full range of fiber optic solutions for data communications requirements. Product lines include fiber optic modems for a variety of interfaces and data rates, multiplexers serving a wide range of speeds, capacities and interfaces and LAN products. USA.
  • Contemporary Control Systems, Inc.
    Development and delivery of ultra-reliable networks with interface modules, hubs, switches, gateways, and analyzers for a wide range of applications including building automation, motion control, process control, automotive, and industrial control. USA.
  • IMC Networks
    Manufacturer of intelligent edge access devices, provisioning end-to-end fiber management solutions for carriers, copper-to-fiber media converters and fiber mode converters, and chassis platforms. USA.
  • Laird Telemedia
    Designer of proprietary digital video (DV) technology for the broadcasting and recording industries. Products include media converters, POV camera systems, wireless video systems, LCD monitors, video hard disk recorders, firewire patchbays, rackmount kit, and multiformat routing switcher. USA.
  • Moxa Technologies, Inc.
    Manufacturer of serial to fiber converters, ethernet to fiber converters, industrial ethernet switches, wireless device servers, wireless AP/bridge/AP client, terminal servers, modbus gateways, multiport serial boards, industrial video servers, and USB to serial hubs.
  • MRV Communications, Inc.
    Manufacturer of repeaters, media converters, fiber optimizers, fiber multiplexers, miniature ethernet switches, managed optical ethernet termination modules, cross-connects, wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) products, pure pluggable optical transport, ethernet access products, modular switches and routers. USA.
  • Omnitron Systems Technology, Inc.
    Designs and manufactures commercial, carrier-class and ruggedized media converters and fiber-optic access products including manageable media converters, unmanaged media converters, ethernet switches, ethernet transceivers, and token ring products. USA.
  • S.I. Tech, Inc.
    Manufactures fiber optic communication devices such as modems (media converters), multiplexers, repeaters, hubs, multidrop repeaters, and cable assemblies for LAN, WAN, industrial and military applications. USA.
  • Transition Networks
    Manufacturer of multiport media converters, PCI media converters, wireless access point/bridge and adapters, managed and unmanaged switches, wireless access points/bridges, power over ethernet injectors and splitters, network interface cards, transceivers, fiber hubs, patch cords, and accessories. USA.
  • Waters Network Systems
    Provides a wide range of connectivity products and solutions for Ethernet LANs. Products include a variety of copper, fiber and wireless switches in 10Mbps, 10/100Mbps, 100Mbps or 1000Mbps as well as a complete line of high temperature switches for industrial and outdoor applications and media converters for singlemode or multimode fiber. USA.

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