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Digital media receivers (DMRs) are also known as connected DVD, digital audio receiver (DAR), digital media hub, digital media player, digital media streamer, digital video receiver, network media player, networked DVD, and networked entertainment gateway. Digital media receivers (DMRs) are consumer electronics devices that receive digital media streams from a computer over a wired or wireless home network. Windows Media Connect is Microsoft's software that streams digital media files on computer to digital media receivers that are connected to home network. With Windows Media Connect, a user can use a digital media receiver to experience music, photos, and movies stored on your Windows XP–based computer anywhere at home. Windows Media Connect uses the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) protocols. Devices that support standard implementations of these protocols should be compatible with Windows Media Connect. Up to 10 digital media receivers (DMRs) can be streamed to share digital media files with this software. Digital media receivers that are compatible with Windows Media Connect include Xbox 360, D-Link MediaLounge DSM-320 Wireless Media Player, Roku SoundBridge M1000 Network Music Player, and Roku SoundBridge M2000 Network Music Player.

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  • Actiontec Electronics, Inc.
    Manufactures wireless DSL gateway, broadband home router, network attached storage, ethernet adapter, wireless network extender, multiport print server, wireless access point, digital media player, wireless game adapter, pocketrave music player, internet phone wizard, and wireless network camera. USA.
  • D-Link Systems, Inc.
    Manufacturer of wireless home networking, cable/DSL modems, cable/DSL routers, wireless media players, voice & IP communications, network adapters, print servers, internet cameras, gaming, video conferencing, USB/firewire, cables, switches, KVM switches, power over ethernet, VPNs/firewalls, and home network storage. USA.
  • Escient
    Design, development, and manufacture of a groundbreaking category of audio/video products including multi-zone media manager, home theater media manager, fireball digital music manager, networked digital music player, remote digital media player, wired touch panel, web pad, and backup kit. USA.
  • Linksys
    Manufacturer of broadband routers, access points, PCI adapters, wireless-G notebook adapter, instant wireless USB network adapter, range expanders and antennas, networking kits, wireless-G presentation player, game adapters, and internet video camera. USA.
  • Onkyo USA Corporation
    Manufacturer of network audio receiver, home theater receiver, digital surround receiver, DVD players, amplifier, cassette decks, home theater systems, personal audio systems, speaker systems, and accessories.
  • Roku llc.
    Designs and markets advanced digital media players for the home that significantly enhance the home entertainment experience. Products include radio Wi-Fi music system, network music player, and HD digital media player. USA.

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