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Cathode ray tube (CRT) and liquid crystal display (LCD) are the main types of displays used as computer monitors. A color CRT display forms color images by superposing images with three colors of red, green, and blue on a screen. It creates images by impinging an electron beam on the face of an evacuated glass tube that has been coated with phosphors that emit light at the primary colors. LCD devices are generally classified into a transmission type (a reflection type LCD device), and a reflection-transmission type LCD device. The transmission LCD device displays information by using an external light source, while the reflection type LCD device displays information by using natural light. Liquid crystal display monitors have been widely used as a display device capable of displaying high-definition color images for a notebook personal computer and a display monitor. The CRT display devices has been used as a monitor of a computer as a display device for a long time. However,  CRT display has some disadvantages such as a heavy weight, a large volume and high power consumption. Today, cathode ray tube (CRT) are being replaced with compact liquid crystal display monitors (LCD) monitors that are designed using a combination of LCD and semiconductor techniques.

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  • CeroView
    Manufacturer offering a complete product line of touch screen kiosk enclosure, touch screen LCD monitor (Flatpanel), touch screen kiosk monitor, kiosk software, touch screen CRT monitor, CRT kiosk ready touch monitors, LCD desktop touch screens, LCD open frame modules, and card reader. USA.
  • Dotronix Technology, Inc.
    Manufactures and designs video display monitors and systems for commercial digital retail signage, FIDs, video walls and digital menuboards, for a variety of applications including airports, medical device manufacturers, machine tool manufacturers, financial firms, trading floors, retail stores, fast food restaurants, and many others. USA.
  • Dynamic Displays, Inc.
    Manufacturer of color CRT displays, greyscale CRT monitors, LCD tft displays, panel PC computers, contact dynamic displays, rugged monochrome CRT monitors for medical use in radiological, fluoroscopic, and NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) suites, sturdy color computer monitors for ultrasound medical imaging products, ruggedized computer monitors for CNC machine tools, process control systems and other industrial applications, ruggedized video displays for use in military avionics suites, flight simulators. Also provides drop-in replacement monitors for a wide variety of industrial and military legacy computer monitor applications requiring fast and slow scan CRT & LCD video displays. USA.
  • Image Systems Corporation
    Develops and markets LCD and CRT displays, grayscale and color LCD displays, self calibrating displays, network SNMP management of displays, video graphics cards, calibration software, touch panels; mounting hardware, and display accessory products. USA.
  • Nortech Engineering, Inc.
    Manufacturer of industrial CRT monitors, PC based operator interface products. LCD displays, panel PCs, LCD workstation, membrane keypad LCD workstations, rack drawer LCDs, rack mount LCDs, cabinet workstations, commercial and industrial keyboards, compact HMI workstations with high resolution TFT displays. USA.
  • Omni Vision Inc.
    Manufacturer of color flat panel LCD monitors, high brightness color flat panel LCD monitors, rack mount KVM switches and displays, rack mount color flat panel LCD monitors, color LCD flat panel monitors, color CRT monitors, monochrome CRT monitors, color CRT monitors, and specialty displays. USA.
  • Palomar Display Products, Inc.
    Supplier of fully sunlight readable LCD displays, specialized CRT displays, and flat panel liquid crystal displays, utilized in mission critical military airborne, tracked and wheeled vehicles, automated teller machines (ATM's), and on platforms that demand the highest visual and operational performance. USA.
  • Tyco Electronics Corporation
    Develops, manufactures, and markets a complete line of CRT touchmonitors, LCD touch screen monitors, and touchscreen components for diverse applications, such as industrial, medical, POS, kiosks, retail, hospitality, transportation, office automation, and gaming. USA.
  • ViewSonic Corporation
    Manufacturer of LCD displays, LCD TV, CRT monitors, wireless monitors, speakers, keyboards, mice, projectors, wireless media networks, TV/video processors, large screen displays, wireless media networks, routers/access points, and accessories. USA.

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