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  • Acoustic Magic
    Manufactures microphones for speech recognition, teleconferencing and automotive applications. Acoustic Magicís technology enables near headset level accuracy with the microphone placed several feet from the talker. USA.
  • Andrea Electronics Corporation
    Developer of hardware and software microphone technologies which optimize the performance of speech-enabled applications for telematics systems and auto PCs, Internet telephony, voice-enabled web browsing, desktop dictation, audio/video conferencing, internet appliances and other voice user interfaces.
  • Audio-Technica U.S., Inc.
    Manufactures precision studiophones, headphones, computer headphones, automatic stereo turntable systems, phonograph cartridges, condenser boundary microphone, condenser adapter-mount gooseneck microphone, cardioid condenser hanging microphone, microphone mounts, windscreens, wireless mics & cables, and wireless system accessories.
  • Califone International Inc.
    Produces DVD/CD/cassette players, cassette recorders, stereo, monaural and cordless headphones, wired and wireless public address systems, listening centers, record players, computer lab peripherals and other communications wares. USA.
  • DPA Microphones
    Manufacturer of condenser microphone solutions for professional applications. Products include large diaphragm microphones, standard microphones, headbands, reference microphones, miniature microphones, hydrophone, amplifiers and power supplies.
  • Gaintech Peripherals Ltd.
    Specializes in providing acoustic components for industrial applications, acoustic solution to computer, communication, and medical devices industries; designs special acoustic components for custom-design application, and offers value added system assembly. Canada.
  • Josephson Engineering
    Makes a wide range of fine condenser microphones for studio, stage and field sound pickup, and audio instrumentation, including measurement microphones, side address condenser microphones, small diaphragm condenser microphones, and interchangeable capsule condenser microphones. USA.
  • Merry Electronics
    Manufactures dynamic telephone receiver, dynamic mylar speaker, portable handsfree headset, headphone for audio application, electret condenser microphone, land mobile microphone, desktop microphone, multi-media microphone, noise cancelling microphone, li-ion and li-polymer battery pack, and bluetooth headset. Taiwan, China.
  • Nady System, Inc.
    Designing, manufacturing, and marketing wireless microphones such as wired microphones, personal-ear wireless monitors, assistive listening devices, infrared wireless microphone systems, vedio wireless microphone systems, and telephone headsets. USA.
  • Shure Incorporated
    Manufacturer of performance microphones, recording microphones, installed microphones, broadcast microphones, portable wireless receivers, personal monitor systems, mixers and digital signal processors.

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