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Computers are equipped with a mouse to control the movement of the cursor. The mouse permits a computer user to position and move a cursor on a computer screen without having to use a keyboard. A conventional mouse includes a small blocked shaped casing with a flat bottom designed to be gripped by one hand. Inside the mouse there is a ball which rolls on a surface or mouse pad. A mouse pad is a flat pad like structure made of foam or latex material having approximately the same proportions as the computer display. The top surface of the mouse pad is textured so that the multi directional detecting component is moved when the mouse is moved across the mouse pact. The ball is coupled to optical chopper wheels within the mouse housing which respond to movement of the mouse to produce pulses of light representing mouse movement. The mouse has a movement detector which detects movement in the directions of X and Y axes, and a button push detector which detects a button push. Sensors detect the ball's movement and generate electronic signals that enable the computer to convert the ball's movement into cursor control. A cable connects the mouse to the computer. When the mouse is moved over a flat surface, it generates signals which control the position of a cursor or pointer on a graphical user interface shown on the computer display. An optical mouse comprises an image sensor for sensing an image of a motion and outputting the resulting image signal, an A/D converter for converting the image signal from the image sensor into digital data, an image processor for performing a signal processing operation for the digital data from the A/D converter to detect the motion therefrom, and a controller for providing data corresponding to the detected motion to a computer. Wireless mouse are gradually replacing wired mouse because of its convenient usability. The wireless computer mouse is generally energized by battery and communicates through infrared transmission or radio frequency transmission to realize wireless operation.

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  • Atek, Inc.
    Manufactures and markets mobile computing accessories under the Atek brand, including the super mini optical mouse, tote-remote presentation remote control, power over ethernet (PoE) dongles, automotive diagnostic cables, custom cable assemblies, and PCMCIA cables. USA.
  • Casco Products International
    Specializes in providing custom input technology solutions for OEM customers, products include wireless keyboard, remote controller, RF optical scroll mouse, fingerprint scanner, set-top box, presentation pointer, and GPS receiver.
  • Contour Design, Inc.
    Designs, manufactures and markets ergonomic peripherals and accessories. Makers of the Perfit mouse in five right hand and three left hand sizes, and the popular UNI-family of products, split keyboard, and multimedia controller. USA.
  • Hengfa Chaoji Mould & Electronics
    Manufacturer of optical mini retractable mouse, 3D liquid mechanical/optical mouse, mini retractable mice, transparent mouse, wireless optical mice, 2D mechanical mouse, USB mini retractable optical mouse, and wireless receivers. China.
  • ITAC Systems, Inc.
    Designs, manufactures, and markets high-performance computer input devices used in manufacturing process control, transaction processing, and medical systems, as well as computer graphics, engineering, and government markets. USA.
  • Logitech
    Designs, manufactures and markets personal peripherals including webcams, mice, trackballs, keyboards, speakers, headsets, interactive gaming devices, digital pens and advanced universal remote controls. The company is a market leader in cordless peripherals and provides cordless products for personal computers, gaming consoles, portable music players and mobile phones.
  • NuBridge Company Ltd.
    Designs and manufactures computer accessory and gift products, including animal friends mouse, liquid mouse, travel mouse, cordless RF mouse, monitor anti-glare filters, coloring software, and CD holder. Hong Kong, China.
  • Ocean Electronics Co., Ltd.
    Produces wireless optical mouse, optical wheel mouse, mini optical mouse, micro optical mouse, ball mouse, multimedia keyboard, traditional keyboard, keyboard & mouse kit, USB joystick, card reader, and computer cases. China.
  • Razer USA Ltd.
    Designs, manufactures and markets cutting-edge gaming peripherals that feature speed, precision, smoothness and accuracy. Products include optical gaming mouse, wireless gaming mouse, PC gaming mouse, gaming laser mouse, optical gaming mouse, infrared gaming mouse, and gaming mouse pad. USA.
  • Sunsonny Electronics Tech. Co., Ltd.
    Manufactures wireless optical mouse, mini wired 3D optical mouse, 1,200DPI laser mouse, standard 107 keyboard, transparent wired 3D optical mouse, PC camera, card readers, 5D optical mouse, and multimedia keyboard. China.

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