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Keyboards are commonly used computer input devices used to input data and control commands to the computer. A keyboard is typically coupled to the processor to allow a user to transmit commands to the processor. A keyboard may transmit alphanumeric commands to the processor and another input device (a mouse, track-ball or joystick) to control items shown on the display. In operation, keys on the keyboard are selectively pressed to input data or otherwise send commands to the processor. A computer keyboard comprises a base on which alphanumeric input keys supported by corresponding resilient biasing members. The keys on a computer keyboard may be divided into basic keys and functional keys which are generally fitted on a plate. There are several types of keyboards categorized by the switch technology employed in their operation. They are dome-switch keyboard, capacitive keyboard, mechanical-switch keyboard, buckling-spring keyboard, hall-effect keyboard, membrane keyboard, and roll-up keyboard. Wireless keyboards are becoming popular these days. The wireless keyboards currently available are either infrared based or RF based transmission systems.

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  • Access Keyboards Limited
    Manufacture and distribution of an extensive range of standard and specialist keyboards in to the POS, banking, airport, medical and industrial sectors world wide. Products include custom keyboards, epos/retail keyboards, programmable keyboards, cherry keyboards, rugged IP rated industrial keyboards, stainless steel kiosk keyboards, airline check-in keyboards, infra-red keyboards, and space saving keyboards. UK.
  • Costar Electronics Inc.
    Produces keyboards, wireless keyboard, industrial 19" keyboards modules, keypads, wireless remote control, receiver box, USB smart card reader, USB massage mouse, and flash MP3 player. Taiwan, China.
  • Electronic Keyboards, Inc.
    Manufacturer of programmable keyboard, custom keyboard, POS keyboard, bump bar, panel mount keyboard, rack mount keyboard, serial rs232 & rs422 keyboard and keypad, parallel output keyboard, military keyboards, NEMA 4 keyboards, kiosk keyboards, and medical keyboards. USA.
  • Danielson Group
    Manufacturer of membrane switches, keyboards and panels, customised resistive touch screens, enclosures and flat panels, nameplates, labels and decals, badges and automotive emblems, sheet metal work, and advertising signs. Sweden.
  • Focus Electronic Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of RF wireless keyboards, RF wireless mice, slim/ compact keyboards for LCD PCs, multimedia/ internet keyboards, smart office keyboards with scrolling buttons, clipboard hotkeys, office hotkeys and multimedia/internet hotkeys. Taiwan, China.
  • Genovation Inc.
    Manufacturer of accessory keypads for portable computers, PDA computers and desktop computers. Designs and manufactures specialty keyboards and terminals for Point-Of-Sale (POS) systems, custom data input devices and micro-terminals for industrial control, machine control, medical instrumentation, military, aerospace, banking, accounting, stock brokerages, trucking, entertainment industry. USA.
  • Grayhill, Inc.
    Designer and manufacturer of DIP, tact, pushbutton, rotary and encoder switches, keyboards, keypads and front panels, vandalproof keypads, I/O modules, operator interfaces, single board computer, control systems, and wireless products. USA.
  • Key Tronic Corporation
    Contract manufacturer of keyboards, cable assemblies, media storage devices, telecommunication satellite unit, RF data transmission device, printers, multi-media display, digital camera sub assemblies, diabetes glucose sensor, educational toys, and automotive CD/radio console panel. USA.
  • Kinesis Corporation
    Manufacturer and supplier of ergonomic computer keyboards, ergonomic pointing devices (including touchpads, trackballs, wireless optical mice), programmable foot switches, numeric keypad, workstation accessories (keyboard platform systems, document holders, palm pads, palm supports for input devices and gel arm pads), and connectivity devices. USA.
  • L3 Systems, Inc.
    Manufacturer of RF remote control system for presentations, keyboard for rugged portable and embedded computer applications, keyboard port adapter, PS/2 to RS-232 keyboard adapter, cables and accessories. USA.
  • PKG, Inc.
    A custom design-manufacturing organization specializing in user interface devices. PKG offers complete turnkey and subassembly manufacturing along with electronics and firmware integration. Products include membrane switches, silicone elastomeric keypads, full-travel keyboards or a wide variety of supporting and complimentary technologies. USA.
  • Stealth Computer Corporation
    Manufacturer specializing in high performance industrial grade computer systems and peripherals that include rackmount PCs, flat panel monitors, rugged portable PCs and industrial grade keyboards, for applications in scientific, telecommunications, industrial/commercial, and control markets. USA.
  • Sunspring Technology Co., Ltd.
    Specializes in the production of computer keyboard and mouse, products include wireless keyboard and mouse set, super slim MM keyboard, illuminated keyboard, office keyboard, standard multimedia keyboard, flexible keyboard, keypad, and optical mouse. China.
  • Viziflex Seels Inc.
    Specializes in custom-designed keyboard covers and keyboard skins, offers a large variety of computer accessories including computer dust covers, screen visors, ergonomic and computer cleaning products. USA.

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