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A computer is interconnected by an adapter to peripheral devices such as printers, camcorders, speakers, microphones, CD-ROMs, hard disks and scanners, for expanding the capability of the computer system. Conventional adapters include two connectors at either end wherein one is configured to mate with a connector for an interface of the computer, and the other is configured to mate with one of the peripheral devices. In order to accommodate increasing requirements for data storage and data transfer capability, several peripheral device interface standards have been developed. Among these are the IDE (integrated drive electronics interface), the ESDI (enhanced small device interface), and the SCSI bus, or small computer systems interface bus, the AT attachment (ATA) interface, and the universal serial bus (USB). The use of adapter cards is a popular technique for expanding the capability of a computer system. Generally, computers are equipped with a plurality of slots into which adapter cards can be inserted. Many types of adapter cards for computer systems, including high performance I/O cards, consist of two sections, an I/O interface section and a processor section. The essential element of each slot is a connector that is connected to an address and data bus within the computer.

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  • Emulation Technology, Inc.
    Develops and markets specialized solutions that close the interconnect gap between electronic design, test equipment and digital hardware designs. Offers a range of products including BGA socket systems, QFN/MLF test sockets, MICTOR test accessories, spring-probe test clips, programming adapters, prototyping adapters, ASIC and FPGA development systems, wireless products, high speed board to board interconnects as well as soldering iron systems and other lab and rework accessories. USA.
  • FranMar International Inc.
    Manufacturer of DC/DC converters, AC/DC switching, AC/DC linear, DC/AC inverters, battery chargers, desktop adapter, wall mount adapter interchangeable plug, medical power supply, and AC/DC switching power supply. Taiwan, China.
  • Golden Bridge Electech Inc.
    Manufactures power adapters and chargers, cables, fiber-optic components and more with FCC, CE, UL, TUV and GS approvals. Products include universal travel kit, universal AC to DC notebook power adapters, universal AC to DC portable devices power adapter and chargers. Taiwan, China.
  • Griffin Technology
    Manufactures hardware and software products for the Mac market. Griffin currently manufactures video, audio, serial, USB, FireWire and ADB adapters, peripherals and accessories for iPod Mac and PC. USA.
  • Keyspan
    Provides USB PS/2 adapter, USB parallel transfer cable, USB BlueTooth adapter, presentation remote, USB 2.0 CardBus card, PDA adapters, high speed USB serial adapters, parallel printer adapetrs, FireWire card, and digital media remote. USA.

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