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Image scanners convert a visible image on a document or photograph, or an image in a transparent medium, into an electronic form suitable for copying, storing or processing by a computer. Reflective document image scanner is used for scanning reflective documents, such as documents and papers. Reflective image scanners typically have a controlled source of light, and light is reflected off the surface of a document, through an optics system, and onto an array of photosensitive devices. Penetrative document image scanner is used for scanning positive and negative films, such as slides and films. The reflective document image scanner is usually made in the form of flat bed scanner, and the penetrative document image scanner is made in the form of film scanner. An image scanner acquires image data by causing an image reading sensor to execute photoelectric conversion with respect to the reflected light obtained when a read object, such as a sheet-like document, a book, or a three-dimensional object, is irradiated with light. The image scanner has a transparent document holder on which an object to be read is held, an illumination device including an illuminating lamp and illuminating the read object placed on the document table, a lens assembly to focus the image of the illuminated scan line onto the surface of the optical photosensor array, a CCD sensor functioning as an image reading sensor, an optical set located between the document table and the CCD sensor.

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  • Canon Image Scanners
    Markets flatbed image scanners with 4800dpi ultraphoto-quality resolution. Not only documents, but also printed photos and 35mm film can be converted into high-grade digital data. In addition to CCD scanner models, slim CIS scanners offer a variety of functions. Offers complete support for the use of digital images.
  • Fujitsu Image Scanners
    Global manufacturer and supplier of image scanners including business document scanners and color image scanners, with information on hardware and software specifications, product functions, and technology alliance partners.
  • Pacific Image Electronic, Inc.
    Develops, manufactures, markets, and sells desktop color imaging peripheral products such as desktop color scanners, printers and modems. Pacific Image has developed a full line of film scanner from entry level to the high end professional models.
  • UMAX Technologies, Inc.
    Design and distribution of a full line of imaging and computer products, including document scanners, 35mm film scanners, color image scanners, scanning software, bluetooth devices, memory flash drives, and networking devices.
  • Visioneer, Inc.
    Offers compact scanning solutions for everyone, from the home and small office user to corporate and legal workgroups. Includes duplex mobile scanners, USB built-in 35mm transparency adapter scanners, trade-compliant business image scanning solutions.

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