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A game pad which functions as an interface between users and a mainframe is worldwide used for video game consoles on computers or TVs. A gamepad input device uses a multi-position rocker switch that is normally actuated by a user's thumb to provide input signals that control objects on a screen of a host computer or computing device. Gamepads generally have a set of action buttons handled with the right thumb and a direction controller handled with the left. The game pad controller includes a plurality of individual zones, the relative positions of which allow users of varying sizes to comfortably use the controller. Each zone includes a touch-sensitive switch that allows the controller to recognize when a user is stepping on a specific zone. The zones may also include some form of indicia that can be used in conjunction with similar indicia shown on a display to instruct the user both where and when to step. Through direction control buttons on the game pad, players can control the moving direction of a corresponding character defined by the game software. Players can control the option, set, etc. of the game software through function buttons on the game pad.

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  • Arkino Technology Corporation
    Manufacturer of joysticks, game driving wheel, and game pads, USB hub, external cardreader, internal carreader, network card, network switch, broadband router, CMOS sensor module, and gaming products. Taiwan, China.
  • Fortune Power Electronic Technology
    Manufacturer of video game accessories including USB dual shock game pad, mini optical mouse, USB hub, foldable mini USB keyboard, flash disks, data link cable, USB extension cable, and turbo game pad. Taiwan, China.
  • Gravis
    Produces joysticks and game pads for PC and Macintosh. Features game pad with proportional control D-pad and flippers, ten programmable buttons, and on-click precision mode deliver unmatched accuracy and higher scores. USA.
  • Keentop Electronic Co., Ltd.
    Developer and manufacturer of USB game pad, DDR dance pads, GBM silicone case, dual-shock joysticks, travel kit for iPod, PS2 multitap adapter, PS2 dual shock joypad, PS1 controller, PSP recharge grip, PSP fast solar charger, and controller for Xbox. China.

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