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Modern computer systems are designed to receive input from input devices. Many different types of user input devices are used for providing input information to a computer. Such user input devices include keyboard, keypad, keyset, mouse, multimedia control panel, pedals, pointing stick, remote control, remote mouse, touchpad, trackball, trackpoint, film scanner, fingerprint reader, flatbed scanner, handheld scanner, pass-through scanner, flight simulator, game pad, gear shift lever, glove controller, joystick, multimedia controller, touch screen, pedals, throttle, wheel and pedals set, network camera, and personal web camera.

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  • IKEY Ltd.
    Manufactures a complete line industrial keyboards, computer pointing devices, flat panel monitors, desktop and panel mount industrial trackball pointing devices, wireless, industrial keyboard/pointing device, and waterproof mouse. USA.
  • Interlink Electronics, Inc.
    Developer of intutive interface products including interactive signature terminal, powerpoint remote control, ultra-portable amplification system, presentation remote control, wireless keyboard, pointing devices, and projector remote.
  • KYE Systems Corp.
    Manufactures wireless optical mouse, gaming mouse, wireless pointer, multimedia keyboard, slim keyboard, speaker, home theater, headset and headphone, racing wheel, joysticks, game pad, scanners, sound card, and networking devices. Taiwan, China.
  • MGR Industries Inc.
    Manufacturer of sealed/rugged industrial touch computers, industrial keyboards, sealed keyboards, industrial keypads, encryped PINpads, human machine interfac, kiosk keyboard, and other rugged input devices for harsh and extreme conditions. USA.
  • NaturalPoint Inc.
    Specialize in the design, manufacture, and sales of high performance optical tracking systems, motion capture based video gaming inputs, and hands free ergonomic mouse alternatives. USA.
  • Qumax Corp.
    Manufacturer of standard keyboard, multimedia keyboard, industrial keyboard, numerical keypad, wireless mouse, optical mouse, ball mouse, multi function mouse, keyboard and mouse combination, and trackballs. USA.
  • Smart Technologies Inc.
    Supplier of interactive whiteboards, interactive pen displays, wireless slate, interactive digital signage, classroom management software, concept-mapping software, and conferencing software. Canada.

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