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A desktop computer is a stand-alone personal computer with the main components housed in an enclosure that protects them from the environment and the environment from the computer, such as electromagnetic interference (EMI). Inside the enclosure is a motherboard that holds the electronic components of the computer. CPU (central processing unit) is installed on the motherboard and acts as the computer's brain. Expansion add-in cards (such as sound cards, graphics cards) are inserted into connectors that are mounted directly on the motherboard. The motherboard has printed circuits that distributes signals from the add-in cards to appropriate components on the motherboard via an expansion bus. A desktop computer enclosure also houses components including power supply, microprocessor, volatile and non-volatile memory, storage drives (such as hard disk drives and removable media drives), and other integrated circuits used in data processing. The input/output (I/O) devices, including monitors (LCD monitors, CRT monitors), mouse, keyboard, scanner, printer, and other multimedia devices (digital cameras, camcorders, voice microphoes, webcam) are connected by means of cables that plug into connectors (including USB connectors) at a back panel of the chassis.

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  • Apple Computer, Inc.
    Manufacturer of consumer desktop computers, portable computers, server storage options, iPod digital music players, video conferencing camera, airport wireless networks, education-oriented desktop computer, processors, computer displays, mice, keyboards, and modem.
  • Everex Systems, Inc.
    Manufacturer of computer systems, high-performance file servers, tape drives, graphics boards, data and fax modems, memory enhancement products, network boards, desktop publishing products, disk drive and tape driver controllers and monitors. USA.
  • Gateway, Inc.
    Produces notebooks, desktops, media center, monitors, projectors, memory cards, drives and storage, cables and adapters, speakers and sound cards, scanners, web cameras, photo printers, notebook accessories, televisions, digital cameras, digital camcorders, and MP3 players. USA.
  • InterTech Computer Products, Inc.
    Manufacturer of desktop computers, handheld computers/PDAs, multiprocessor systems, adapters and interfaces, audio output devices, I/O boards and systems, generic memory, memory boards , power equipment, storage devices, video adapters and displays. USA.

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