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Computer memory comes in two basic forms: random access memory (RAM) and read-only memory (ROM). RAM is generally used by a processor for reading and writing data. ROM is generally used for storing data which will never change, such as the board input/output system (BIOS). RAM is usually used to designate a data memory having a multiplicity of memory cells, each of which can store a datum and which can be accessed selectively and directly to selectively write in or read out data. There are generally two types of memories, including non-volatile and volatile memories. RAM typically comes in the form of dynamic RAM (DRAM) which requires frequent recharging or refreshing to preserve its contents. Generally, a DRAM is formed of an array of elementary memory cells located at the intersection of rows (word lines) and columns (bit lines). Dynamic random access memory devices (DRAMS) comprise arrays of memory cells which contain two basic components.  The volatile memory also includes static random access memory (SRAM). SRAMs and DRAMs often include a multitude of memory cells disposed in a two dimensional array.

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  • Corsair Memory
    Manufactures performance and gaming memory systems for overclocking enthusiasts and gamers, server memory for rackmount servers, flash memory, desktop memory, water cooling systems and accessories. USA.
  • Elpida Memory, Inc.
    Manufacturer of dynamic random access memory (DRAM) silicon chips, including DDR2 SDRAM, DDR SDRAM, SDRAM, Mobile random access memory, XDR DRAM, Rambus dynamic random access memory devices. Japan.
  • Eorex Corporation
    Memory integrated circuit manufacturer, supplying dynamic random access memory (DRAM) from EOD / FP, SDRAM to DDR SDRAM; static random access memory (SRAM), including asynchronized, synchronized, psudo, low power and high speed SDRASM; flash and EEPROM IC. Taiwan, China.
  • Golden Emperor International Ltd.
    Specialized manufacturer of double data rate (DDR) dynamic random access memory modules of desktop, laptop, server system, and workstation. Products include TCCD and BH version hand-picked 32x8 DDR chips, DDR2 ultra memory modules, and 512Mb DDR SDRAM.
  • Hynix Semiconductor Inc.
    Develops and manufactures DDR, Rambus and ultra-high speed DRAM from 4M to 512M sync, EDO to DDR and Rambus, and from memory modules for desktop PCs to low-power / miniaturized memory products for digital consumers, and a full range of SRAMs from 1M to 8M, NAND flash memory. Korea.
  • Infineon Technologies AG
    Manufactures DRAM memory, flash memory, analog terrestrial and cable tuner systems, plastic fiber components, microcontrollers, power semiconductors, smart card memories and controllers, sensors, small signal discretes, wired communication access, wired communication network and transportation.
  • Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc.
    Manufactures high speed and low power SRAM, low and medium density DRAM, EEPROM and Smartcards for digital consumer electronics, networking, mobile communications, and automotive electronics. USA.
  • Kingmax Micro Technology Inc.
    Specializes in DRAM memory module products (specialized modules for desktop computers, notebook computers, workstations/servers), and small-size digital storage cards (SDC, miniSD, MMC, RS-MMC, CF, SMC and USB flash drive). Taiwan, China.
  • Nantero, Inc.
    Manufactures high density nonvolatile random access memory chips which can replace DRAM (dynamic RAM), SRAM (static RAM), flash memory, and ultimately hard disk storage; also produces nanoelectromechanical switches. USA.
  • Ramtron International
    Manufacturer of FRAM (ferroelectric random access memory) with a real-time clock (RTC), processor supervisor and other common peripherals, serial memory products, and high voltage digital-analog converters. USA.
  • SIMTEK Corporation
    Designing and manufacturing high-speed nonvolatile random access memory, application specific integrated circuits and data communications, for use in cellular telephones, high density hard disk drives, modems, smart utility meters, home and commercial security systems, instrumentation and numerous military systems including communications, radar, sonar and smart weapons. USA.

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