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Memory cards that can be found in the market include flash memory cards, multi-media cards, secure digital cards and smart media cards. A flash memory card has 50 input/output contact points, a multi-media card has 7 input/output contact points, a secure digital card has 8 input/output contact points and a multi-media memory card has 22 input/output contact points. Flash memory cards are widely used to various digital products, such as PAMCIA cards, Compact Flash cards, SM cards (Smart Media cards), MMC cards (MultiMedia Cards), MS cards (Memory Stick Cards), SD cards (Secure Digital Cards), etc. These cards are used in electronic consumer products using expansion cards, such as notebook computers, industrial computer, digital cameras, camcorders, video decorder, mobile phones, and palm computers. Memory card adapters are designed to fit different memory cards. Because each type of memory card has a different number of input/output contact points, variety of adapter is designed according to the specifications of a particular memory card. All memory card products can be connected to PC through corresponding card drivers to transfer data.

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  • Addonics Technologies, Inc.
    Produces external storage products, including drive cartridge system, console drive, combo hard drive, mobile rack, IO converter / bridge board, hub / adapter, PCMCIA/cardbus adapter, saturn hard drive kit, RAID system / storage tower, power adapter, and power cables. USA.
  • Atech Flash Technology, Inc
    Develops, manufactures and markets innovative flash multimedia computer add-on hardware, including flash card readers, dual interface card reader, USB flash drive, and computer cases. USA.
  • Power Quotient International
    DRAM and flash manufacturer specializing in flash cards (secure digital card, CompactFlash card, MultiMediaCard), USB drives, intelligent sticks, DRAM modules, diskonmodule, multi-media, IC components, and USB card readers. Taiwan, China.
  • Quickchip Technology Inc.
    Manufactures CompactFlash cards, smartmedia cards, memory stick, security digital card, multimedia card, xD picture card, Micro drive, card reader, flash drive, PCMCIA adapter, USB dongle, and wireless card. Taiwan, China.
  • Zio Corporation
    Manufacturer of digital media readers, CompactFlash readers, Memory Stick readers, xD readers, SmartMedia readers, multi-readers, CompactFlash PCMCIA adapter, SmartMedia PCMCIA adapter, and 4 in 1 PCMCIA adapter. USA.

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