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A computer system typically comprises one or more processors linked to volatile memory, which stores data for computer programs being executed by the computer system. The volatile memory includes a main memory typically using dynamic random-access memory (DRAM) technology. Main memory organizes the instructions and data being stored into units typically referred to as blocks. A main memory controller typically is incorporated within the bridge logic to generate various control signals for accessing the main memory. Dynamic random access memories or DRAMs are provided in single inline memory modules called SIMMs or dual inline memory modules called DIMMs. The volatile memory also include caches, typically using static random-access memory (SRAM) technology. In SRAM, the retrieval of memory therefrom is carried out by determining a state of a multivibrator, the reading is performed at a high speed. SRAM has a smaller capacity per unit area, as compared with a DRAM. A non-volatile memory device is designed to maintain programmed information even in the absence of electrical power. A non-volatile memory device such as an electrically-erasable-programmable read-only-memory (EEPROM) is a read only memory (ROM) that can be erased and reprogrammed through the application of electrical voltage. Read only memory (ROM) is commonly used in electronic equipment such as microprocessor-based digital electronic equipment and portable electronic devices. Types of the EEPROM include flash memory and floating gate tunnel oxide memory. Non-volatile flash memories are used in various applications, such as notebook computers, cell phones, palm top computers, answering machines recording voice with audio information, and digital still cameras producing video information.

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  • Centon Electronics, Inc.
    Manufacturer of flash memory cards (Secure Digital, Compact Flash, MMC, XD Picture Card, Memory Stick Pro), USB flash drives, spindrive (rotating media), notebook hard drives, MP3 players, a full line of memory upgrades for desktop, server, workstation and notebook environments. USA.
  • Dataram Corporation
    Design, development and manufacture of compatible memory upgrades for systems from HP, IBM, SGI, Sun Microsystems, Dell, Intel and AMD Opteron architecture. Specializing in a vast array of memory products supporting a wide range of memory needs from legacy EDO to leading edge DDR2. USA.
  • EDGE Tech Corporation
    Supplier of DRAM and flash memory upgrades, portable computing products, storage devices, and other experience-enhancing technology solutions, for desktops, notebooks, servers, printers, hubs and routers. EDGE's flash card lineup allows users of digital cameras and MP3 players to upgrade the devices' memory for maximum performance. The card line consists of various formats including CompactFlash, SD Memory Card, SmartMedia, MultiMediaCard, and xD Picture Cards. A line of card readers provides convenient interface between the cards and a computer. The company's popular DiskGO by EDGE brand includes USB flash drives, portable hard drives, USB watch drives, and flash MP3 players. USA.
  • Gigaram, Inc.
    Specializes in the developing, designing, manufacturing and testing of memory modules for desktops, servers, workstations, notebooks and office automation products. Products include DDR2 memory module, DDR memory module, Apple system memory module, Sun system memory module, CISCO system memory module, and flash cards. USA.
  • Memory Experts International Inc.
    Manufacturer of portable data storage media devices, biometric based system access controls, hard drive subsystems, memory modules and cabling technologies for the computer and office equipment markets. Features DRAM, SDRAM, DDR and Rambus memory expansion modules, fibre optic cables, SCSI cables, custom cables and connectors.
  • Rocky Mountain Ram, LLC.
    Manufacturer of computer memory and hardware upgrades for all major brands of computers, workstations and printers. Products include USB fash drives, memory cards, USB flash drives, portable storage devices, card adapters, card readers, multimedia devices, and external hard drive enclosure kit. USA.
  • Shikatronics Inc.
    Manufactures SIMMs, DIMMs, CPUs, flash memory, card readers, proprietary upgrades, SODIMMs and RIMMs for all models of PCs, notebooks, printers, workstations, servers, and such electronic devices as digital cameras and PDAs. Canada.
  • Smart Modular Technologies, Inc.
    Designer, manufacturer and supplier of value added subsystems to original equipment manufacturers, including memory modules and cards, embedded computing subsystems, and thin film transistor (liquid crystal display).
  • Viking InterWorks
    Design and manufacturing of high-quality, competitively priced memory and communications module solutions using DRAM, SRAM, flash, and digital signal processing (DSP) technology for use in computing, communications (enterprise, wireless and optical), defense and aerospace, industrial, medical, computing (high-end, commercial and personal) and multimedia markets. USA.
  • Virage Logic Corp.
    Providing embedded memory intellectual property (IP) for the design of complex integrated circuits. Products include programmable cell libraries, high-density memories, high-speed memories, ultra-low power memories, embedded content addressable memory, embedded non-volatile memory, and memory systems. USA.

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