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Sound cards are add-on expansion boards installed in a computer to produce or process audio signals for enhancing sound quality, or for enabling sound capabilities, of the computer. Sound card can be added to the computer by means of an expansion slot, or can form part of a personal computer's motherboard. Computer systems provide stereo sound capability by utilizing a sound card for controlling audio devices, a sound driver for controlling the audio card, and an operating system for interacting with both the device driver and stereo application programs. Sound cards typically provide an interface to a player that is capable of playing music and/or video, such as compact discs and digital video disks, which will be referred to herein as CD-ROMS. Sound cards may produce or enhance a sound representing a prompt or other sound from an ordinary computer program, sounds for video games played on the computer, and downloadable music or sounds. Sound cards may also be capable of capturing and processing signals from musical instruments. A sound board comprises a powerful numeric processor, such as a digital signal processor (DSP), which can perform frequency modulation synthesis for the various functions of the sound board.

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  • Antex Electronics Corp.
    Designer and manufacturer of professional digital sound cards, satellite receiving systems, and audio client/servers for retail and commercial applications. Products include satellite radio receiver, satellite Radio tuner, audio cards, and digital audio adapter. USA.
  • Digital Audio Labs, Inc.
    Designs sound cards for radio broadcasting audio production industries. Features a professional 24 bit, 96kHz soundcard for Windows PCs, used in mastering, PC recording, studio production, broadcasting, music editing, distributed home audio, audiophile quality CD/MP3/DVD playback, and vinyl restoration. USA.
  • Fusion Computer Limited
    Manufacturer of 3D araphic accelerators (vedio cards) and multimedia cards, including sound cards, modem / LAN combo PCI cards, modem cards, LAN cards, controller cards, and DVB tuner cards. China.
  • Guillemot Corporation - Hercules
    Designer and manufacturer of interactive entertainment hardware and accessories, including sound cards, graphic accelerators, digital imaging tools, DJ console, karaoke console, speakers, TV tuners, video editing kit, PC and game console accessories. France.
  • Kexian Technology Co., Ltd.
    Manufactures sound cards, USB cards, 1394 cards, USB hubs, card readers, LAN cards, modem cards, Ethernet switch hubs, VoIP gateway teller box, bluetooth adapters, bluetooth headset, PC camera, TV tuner card, and speaker bags. China.
  • TerraTec Electronic GmbH
    Manufactures professional audio systems, sound cards, webcams, video and TV cards, digital and analogue TV, speakersystems, microphones, home networking, mp3 and digital radio consumer products. Germany.
  • Voyetra Turtle Beach, Inc.
    Produces USB sound cards, PCI sound cards, all-in-one video capture system, surround sound headphones, game console headphones, noise canceling headphones, USB music studio kit, optical digital cable, PC MIDI adapter cable, and rack-mount brackets. USA.

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