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A computer processor is used to control the operation of the computer in accordance with the computer programming stored in the hard drive. In a computer system, a processor interfaces with a memory device over a bus. When a processor submits a request to a memory device, the response from the memory device can be read by the processor from the bus after a delay of time. The system memory is used to provide the connected processors with program instructions and associated software program data. Most processors execute instructions in the programmed order that they are received. Bu an out-of-order processor can execute instructions in any order possible when the data and execution units required for each instruction is available. Computer processors may be used in digital signal processing (DSP) which is concerned with the representation of signals by sequences of numbers or symbols and the processing of these signals. DSP has a wide variety of applications and its importance is evident in such fields as pattern recognition, radio communications, telecommunications, radar, and biomedical engineering. Some computer systems include a management processor to monitor and control aspects of the system environment such as power, power sequencing, and temperature.

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  • Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
    Provides microprocessors, flash memory devices, and silicon-based solutions. Products include desktop processors, mobile processors, server processors, workstation processors, mirrorbit flash products, floating gate flash products, and serial interface.
  • Advancel Logic Corporation
    Supplier of processor cores consisted of 32-bit RISC-based processor cores designed to execute Java bycodes and operating system native instructions with equal facility for Java technology enabled embedded applications. USA.
  • Applied Micro Circuits Corporation
    Manufactures media access controller, network processors and traffic managers, search coprocessor, cross connect switch, Ethernet transceivers, physical media dependent, serial backplane, framer/mapper, switching devices, storage processors. and powerPC 4XX embedded processors. USA.
  • ARM Holdings plc
    Designs and manufactures 16/32-bit RISC microprocessors, data engines, 3D processors, digital libraries, embedded memories, peripherals, software and development tools, as well as analog functions and high-speed connectivity products. UK.
  • Aurora VLSI Inc.
    Manufactures AMBA cores, compact flash controller cores, Ethernet cores, flash controller cores, HPNA cores, IEEE 1394 cores, memory system cores, PCI cores, processor cores, SDRAM controller cores, SRAM controller cores, and USB cores. USA.
  • Axeon Ltd.
    A microprocessor based electronics company providing products and services to the automotive and industrial markets based on real-time artificial neural network technology. Its Learning Processor offers a unique patent protected architecture targeted specifically at providing cost and power efficient solutions for non-linear system problems. UK.
  • Curtiss-Wright Controls, Inc.
    Produces digital signal processing products, VME conduction cooled chassis, high-speed data communications and I/O products, graphics and video acquisition products, radar processing products, single board computers, tactical subsystems, and communications switches/routers.
  • Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.
    Designs and manufactures microcontrollers, processors, advanced clock drivers, digital signal processors, magnetoresistive random access memory, networking products, RF linear amplifiers, sensors, mobile phone platforms, cellular RF subsystems, access and remote control.
  • Intel Corporation
    Designing and manufacturing microprocessors and specialized integrated circuits, also makes network cards, motherboard chipsets, components, embedded and flash memory, server platforms, PCI bridges, switching components, adapters, transceivers, and other devices.
  • MIPS Technologies, Inc.
    Provider of industry-standard processor architectures and cores for digital consumer and business applications. Products includes embedded microprocessor cores, instruction set architectures, system controllers and software tools. USA.
  • Rabbit Semiconductor
    Specializing in 8-bit microprocessors, microprocessor core modules, peripherals and accessories, application kits, and development tools for embedded control, communications, and Ethernet connectivity. USA.

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