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Motherboard is the main board in the computer and also called the logic board or system board. A computer comprises a mother board, interface cards and periphery accessories. The motherboard is the base of the computer system, which usually contains a central processing unit (CPU), read-only memory (ROM) and random-access-memory (RAM), main memory, chipset, expansion (bus) slots, graphics cards, and sound card. Daughter boards are coupled to a motherboard via sockets, to expand the functionality of the motherboard. Mother board and daughter boards are used to transfer digital signals between respective assemblies used in a computer or other electronic equipment.

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  • Albatron Technology Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of mainboards, wireless audio receiver and transmitter, graphics cards, plasma display, LCD display, pure flat screen multimedia monitor, TV / video converter, ABox , and other wireless products. Taiwan, China.
  • American Megatrends Inc.
    Manufactures single and multi-processor motherboards, BIOS, diagnostic software, remote access, backplanes, driver/firmware development, service processors, storage systems, chassis design and integrated systems. USA.
  • ASRock Incorporation
    Motherboard manufacturer better known for their budget-minded products and niche offerings that fulfill specific needs like motherboards that support multiple socket form factors. Other components they manufacture include cases, DVD drives, video cards among others. Taiwan, China.
  • BCM Advanced Research
    Provider of motherboard solutions for the OEM, embedded and industrial PC markets. Products include industrial mainboards, single board computers (SBC), compactPCI (cPCI), system on module, embedded controllers, backplane and rackmount chassis options. USA.
  • Elitegroup Computer Systems
    Designing and manufacturing computer motherboards for Intel Pentium and AMD Athlon processors, 3D graphics accelerators, notebook computers, desktop PC, SATA to IDE converter, and WLAN USB dongle. Taiwan, China.
  • EPoX Computer Company
    Designs and manufactures motherboards supporting AMD and Intel processors, multi-media mini barebone system, ATI graphic cards, bluetooth USB dongle, bluetooth printer adaptor, bluetooth multimedia keyboard, bluetooth optical mouse, bluetooth wireless presenter, and bluetooth headset. Taiwan, China.
  • First International Computer, Inc.
    Produces motherboards, graphics cards, bluetooth headset and MP3 player, bluetooth dongle, bluetooth module, pocket PC, slatevision tablet PC, notebooks, IDE round cable, I/O shielding, 1394 2-port cable with bracket, FDD Round Cable, IDE Flat cable, and connectors. Taiwan, China.
  • Giga-Byte Technology
    Manufactures motherboards, server/ workstation boards, graphics accelerators, barebones, desktop PC, notebook PC, networking servers, network adapters, access point, routers, game adapter, and computer peripherals. Taiwan, China.
  • IWILL Corporation
    Manufacturer of server appliances, motherboards and consumer electronic peripheral devices, including dual processor motherboard for workstation and server, dual opteron SFF workstation, single processor motherboards, and server barebones. Taiwan, China.
  • Niagara Technology
    Specializes in designing and manufacturing Pentium mainboards, network PC, USB adapter cards, serial adapter cards, parallel port adapter cards, graphics card, PCI video card, and MPEG-1 audio / video accelerator. Canada.
  • Soyo Group, Inc.
    Manufacturer of Intel Pentium 4 motherboards, AMD Athlon XP motherboards, AMD Athlon 64 motherboards, flash media readers, joystick adaptors, PCI cards, LCD monitors, portable storage, VoIP routers and phones, calling card, and bluetooth devices. USA.
  • Taiwan Commate Computer Inc.
    Supplier of industrial motherboards, embedded boards, CPU cards, industrial PC platform, DVR capture card, computer on module, chassis and backplane, mini add-on card, solid state disk, and industrial peripheral. Taiwan, China.

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