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In order to enable portable or personal computers to rapidly process graphics and game technology, add-on units generally referred to as "graphics cards" are often installed in the computers. Graphics card is a plug-in card that connects to the motherboard via a PCI or AGP slot to enable the computer to process and deliver video. Such cards include a separate processor (GPU), memory chips, and circuitry, all mounted to a circuit board including an edge connector that is adapted to plug into an available slot in the associated computer device. A graphics card is also known as video card, VGA card, video board, video display board, display adapter, video adapter, or graphics adapter. A personal computer is equipped with a video graphics card and a pin connector socket connected to the card and disposed on the outside, and a monitor provided with a video cable having a connector plug for connecting to the graphics card pin connector socket.

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  • ATI Technologies Inc.
    Designs and supplies graphics cards, graphics chips and graphics processing units, video and multimedia products for desktop, workstation and notebook computers, digital televisions, cell phones and game consoles (Nintendo and Xbox). Canada.
  • Creative Labs - 3Dlabs
    Supplies a broad range of graphics accelerators to computer aided design (CAD), digital content creation (DCC), and visual simulation professionals. Develops high-end graphics chip technology and markets its Wildcat computer graphics solutions to design professionals in the CAD and content creation industries. USA.
  • Datapath Limited
    Manufacturer of PC based computer graphics and video capture hardware, including 4 port PCI multi-screen graphics cards, video switch and video overlay cards, 2 port PCI multi-screen graphics cards, video wall and data wall, RGB/VGA capture cards, and accessories. UK.
  • DekTec Digital Video B.V.
    Manufacturer of PCI cards and USB-2 adapters including DVB-ASI output adapter, DVB-SPI (LVDS) output adapter, QPSK modulator / L-band upconverter, QAM modulator / UHF upconverter, DVB-ASI input adapter, ASI input+output adapter, and USB-2 ASI/SDI output adapter. The Netherlands.
  • EVGA Corporation
    Provider of performance visual processing products and computing hardware, serving the system builder, distribution and retail markets with products, offers graphics card products based on NVIDIA chipsets and has recently expanded its product line to include motherboards. USA.
  • Matrox Graphics Inc.
    Produces video card components and equipment for personal computers, specializes in professional multi-display graphics cards that enable more than one monitor to be driven by a single card. The targeted user-base for Matrox graphics cards largely consists of 2D, 3D, video, scientific, medical, military and financial workstation users. Canada.
  • NVIDIA Corporation
    Manufactures graphics processing units (GPUs), media and communications processors (MCPs), and wireless media processors (WMPs) used in a variety of platforms, including consumer and enterprise PCs, notebooks, workstations, PDAs, mobile phones, and video game consoles. USA.
  • S3 Graphics Co., Ltd.
    Produces 3D graphics sub-systems (windows accelerators, PCI audio accelerator, motion video accelerator, mobile chipsets, MPEG decoder) for notebook manufacturers. Also supplies integrated implementations of savage chipset for the high volume, value PC market. USA.
  • Spectrah Dynamics Inc.
    Produces panel display products such as mobile computer panels, smart panel AD and video converter, DVI controller, AD converter board, smart panel AD, flat panel controller card, TTL cables, LVDS cables, DVI cables, industrial LCD monitor, and multimedia display products. Taiwan, China.
  • Tech Source, Inc.
    Offers a variety of off-the-shelf and tailored high-performance graphics and imaging products for OEMs, system integrators, government contractors, VARs and large volume corporate users. Products include raptor PCI graphics cards, raptor MED series monochrome display controllers, and Sun PCI graphics. USA.
  • VisionTek Products, LLC.
    Supplier of 3D graphics cards and PC enhancement products, also a leading technology design and manufacturing services (TDMS) provider specializing in the personal computer, telecommunications, industrial and medical markets. The company's consumer products include PC graphics cards and memory, compact flash and IEEE 1394 technology. USA.
  • XGI Technology Inc.
    Designs and manufactures a family of graphics solutions for professional graphics, multimedia applications, 3D gaming and mobile computing. Products include Volari?family of desktop graphics processors, low-power 3D graphics solutions for notebooks, and 2D graphics cards for specialized market applications including servers, and thin clients. Taiwan, China.

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