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Built-in vehicle-mountable audio systems such as radios, DVD players, compact disk player have become very popular in automotive vehicles. These automotive audio systems produce higher and higher quality audio sound. Speakers for an automotive vehicle audio system are provided at various locations in the vehicle compartment. Such speakers have the benefit of producing better quality audio sound, especially in the relatively low frequency range. Composite speaker system (coaxial speaker unit) are used for automotive vehicles. The composite speaker unit is made up of several individual speakers similar to speaker systems intended for home use in which the various speakers are adapted to operate in specific ranges of the sound spectrum. Automotive audio speaker utilizes a vehicle panel, such as rear parcel shelf, door inner panel or the like, as a sound-producing medium. Audio speakers are often mounted to an overhead vehicular ceiling structure, known as the headliner. Some speaker systems also employ fader controls and balance controls for adjusting the acoustical pressure produced by each speaker. Generally, car speakers include a driver unit for driving the vehicle panel at audio frequencies.

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  • Fusion Electronics Ltd.
    Manufactures component speakers, coaxial speakers, component speaker systems, shallow mount speakers, tweeters, head units, subwoofers, loaded enclosures, mobile theatres, amplifiers, vehicle security system, terminals, processors, and capacitors. USA.
  • JVC Americas Corp.
    Global supplier of car speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers, satellite radio, CD receivers, LCD monitors, digital media camera, camcorders, DVD players and recorders, cassette decks, microphones, rack systems, televisions, computers, recording media, audio and vedio accessories.
  • M&K Corporation
    Produces power woofer mid wooper speaker, passive speaker systems, multi-network speaker systems, coxial two way speaker systems, boom/boom subwoofer speaker, and power amplifires. Korea.
  • Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc.
    Manufacturer of car navigation systems, speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers, equalizers, cassette players, digital satellite radio, DVD players and recorders, home theater systems, turntables, A/V receivers, and plasma displays.
  • VIBE Technologies
    Manufacturer of class AB amplifiers, monoblock digital class D amplifier, coaxial speakers, component speakers, subwoofers, subwoofer enclosures, bandpass enclosures, line driver, power capacitor, vibe gear, wiring and connectors. UK.

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