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Car security systems generally include sensors to detect disturbances to the vehicle, a deterrent subsystem (audible and visual indicators and anti-theft locks), a control mechanism for arming and disarming the security system, a power supply to operate the system; and a control unit that functionally interconnects all of the other elements. Automotive security systems often include immobilizer devices which protect a vehicle by disabling the vehicle's starter circuit to prevent unauthorized starting of the vehicle; disabling the vehicle's ignition system; or disabling both the starter circuit and the engine computer or another necessary system. Motion sensors, infrared detector, and ultrasonic wave detector detect movement of the vehicle. When the vehicle is moved or a vibration is transmitted through the vehicle to the motion sensor, that sensor is activated, or tripped. When any of these sensors detects an abnormal condition while the car security function of the apparatus is on, a siren is sounded and an engine starter is disabled when an ignition switch is subsequently turned on. Alarm devices are usually installed in a car to prevent a thief from entering the car. The alarm device makes use of one or more sensors to detect the intrusion of a thief. These security systems produce audible and visual alarm effects after conditions are detected that are indicative of an unauthorized tampering with a vehicle. An automobile engine starter system typically comprises a battery, a starter motor, a starter magnetic relay, and a starter switch. Automobile ignition security systems utilizes a hall-effect magnetic sensor which contains a single hall-effect element located in the ignition switch lock assembly to generate a specific voltage code. This code is utilized by a microprocessor of the ignition system of the vehicle to start the automobile.

Listings on Car electronics : Car security systems

  • Advance Security Inc.
    Manufacturer of remote control security system, 2-way remote start with security system, power door lock, remote control keyless entry, receiver control device, dual zone infrasonic shock sensor, and ultrasonic sensor. Taiwan, China.
  • Avital Technologies
    Manufacturer of remote start systems, 2-way security/remote start system, multi-channel alarm and immobiliser, keyless entry (3-channel system with built-in door lock and light flash relays), and electro-luminescent avital armed indicator. USA.
  • Carscop Electronics Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of two way car alarm systems with LCD display, one way car alarm systems, remote central lock systems, transmitters, back radars, reversing systems, parking systems, parking sensors, garage door opener control systems. China.
  • Directed Electronics Inc.
    Manufacturer of entry-level security and convenience system, security / remote start hybrid system, anti-carjacking response system, wireless immobilizer, digital tilt sensor, proximity sensor, smart self-powered siren, 2-way security and remote start systems, and GPS tracking systems.
  • Hongmao Electronics Co., Ltd.
    Manufactures car alarms and electronic security systems, central locking systems, car immobilizers and bypass modules, door and gate openers, keyless entry and remote starters, parking sensors, remote controls, automotive security parts and accessories. China.
  • LFF Security Equipment Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of car alarms, motorcycle alarms, keyless entry, parking sensors, central locking door systems, power windows, digital lighting system, HID light, transmitter, sensors, and auto pin code lock. China.
  • MITI Manufacturing Company Inc.
    Manufacturer of rhino boots, wheel locks, vehicle immobilizers, parks and recreation equipment, automated parking meters, and portable decontamination equipment. USA.
  • Omega Research & Development, Inc.
    Develops and manufactures vehicle security systems, remote vehicle starter with keyless entry, passive starter immobilzers, automotive and marine speakers, speaker wire, remote start modules and other vehicle accessory products. USA.
  • Quantum Group Inc.
    Development and production of carbon monoxide (CO) detection products including CO sensors, and CO detectors and controls, suitable for use in automobiles, homes, RV and water craft for CO detection and alarms. USA.
  • Steel-Tower Alarm Equipment Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of car alarm system, car reversing aid, motorcycle alarm system, electric bicycle alarm system, central locking system, window closer system, air purifier and ionizer, transmitter, and alarm sirens. China.
  • Tecnoblock S.r.l.
    Manufacturer of electronic immobilizers, anti-theft devices, satellite tracking systems, fuel control system, container door locks, bluetooth headset, hubcaps, nut-covers, and headlight grill guards. Italy.
  • Thor Security Science & Technology
    Specializes in manufacturing car alarm systems, motorcycle alarm systems, central door locking system, parking sensors, automatic detecting window closers, and remote garage door control systems. China.

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