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The automotive electronic systems fulfill the critical performance of the driving system, typical functions include resource management, task management, communication with other control units or systems, time-critical monitoring and control of equipment. Electronic circuit components, and electronic systems assemblies, such as electronic speed control, ignition systems, ignition control systems, gear changing control systems, are equipped and integrated. A car contains electronic devices for safety, navigation, communication and multimedia in response to customer demand for increased variety of electronic devices. The electronic devices in a car usually include audio system, anti-theft system, navigation system, car diagnosis system, car backing supplementary system, mobile phone communication system, and central air-conditioning system. Automotive control systems for internal combustion engines can include an electronic engine control for improved reliability, advanced functionality, and low cost. The safety system makes use of various kinds of sensors (motion senors, motion detectors, radar dectors, parking sensors) and micro-controllers arranged on a car to determine activation of safety mechanism. The navigation system has a GPS system and a GPS receiver. The car audio system may include a radio, a CD disc player, an environmental equalizer, an amplifier and several speakers. Car audio systems are generally designed that the power voltage of the system is directly supplied from a storage battery of the vehicle. An in-car video system comprises a compact display such as LCD video screen and on-board TV receiver for entertainment  as well as used as the terminal of a car navigation system. Electronic devices using magnetic tape and paper strips record data on various aspects of vehicle performance and/or environment information such as trip distance, trip time, miles per gallon consumed, and average speed.

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