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Photographic film includes one or more layers of a photosensitive material. When a picture is taken, the light from the scene interacts with the film's photosensitive material to produce a chemical change in the photosensitive material. This chemical change is in direct proportion to the intensity of the light. Black and white photographic film generally has a single layer of silver halide emulsion coated on a transparent film support. Colour photographic films such as colour negative films and colour reversal films include 2 or 3 red-sensitive, cyan-coupling silver halide emulsion layers, 2 or 3 green-sensitive, magenta-coupling silver halide emulsion layers and 2 or 3 blue-sensitive, yellow-coupling silver halide emulsion layers. Each silver halide layer in color photographic film is sensitive to a different portion of the visible spectrum.Commonly used photographic films include 135 films, 120 films, 110 films and APS films, among which 135 films are the most popular films. 120 films are mainly used for commercial purposes because of their high quality and larger sizes.

Listings on Cameras and optics : Photographic film

  • Agfa-Gevaert Group
    Manufacturer of computer-to-film and computer-to-plate systems, graphic film, printing plates, digital proofing systems, large format printing, medical Imaging and information management systems.
  • China Lucky Film Group Corporation
    Manufactures color film, color paper, positive film, X-ray film, B/W film, B/W paper, photo processing chemicals, inkjet film and paper, ready-to-use cameras, 35mm manual cameras, and underwater camera.
  • Eastman Kodak Company
    Manufacturer of consumer print and slide films, digital cameras, printer and camera docks, single-use cameras, inkjet paper, picture CD, picture makers, camera accessories, X-ray film, digital radiography, and photo processing fluids.
  • Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of 35mm color negative films, 35mm color slide films, color negative APS film, X-ray film, photographic printing paper, inkjet printing paper, digital cameras, instant photo system, digital X-ray system, dry imagers, and motion picture films.
  • Tasma
    Manufacturer of X-ray medical and photofluorographic films, technical films, photo- and polygraphic films, aerospace materials, lavsan and triacetate, and Na-carboximethylcellulose that are used in oil and gas extraction. Russia.

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