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Photographic paper is paper used as the base for various photosensitive systems which use silver halide crystals as the light sensitive receptors. It is coated on one side with a photographic emulsion made up from light sensitive silver halide crystals suspended in gelatin. The photographic emulsion used for color photographic materials consists of three color emulsion layers along with other supporting layers. The paper may be exposed to light, in a controlled manner either by placing a photographic negative in contact with it or using a photographic enlarger, to create a latent image, and developed to create a visible image. Photographic papers include papers used for negative-positive photographic processes, papers used for positive-positive photographic processes in which the "film" is the same as the final image, and papers used for positive-positive film-to-paper photographic processes in which a positive image is enlarged and copied onto a photographic paper. Photographic paper ranges in thickness from 0.0025 to 0.015 inch.

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  • Encad, Inc.
    A Kodak company, supplier of large format printer, inkjet plotter, photo paper, plotter paper, inkjet photo paper, glossy photo paper, coated paper, ink cartridge, and inkjet refill.
  • Folex AG
    Manufacturing photo paper, fine art paper, photo paper, presentation paper, fabric transfer media, anti-reflective film, T-shirt transfer paper, OHP film, backlit film, and brochure paper.
  • HYMN Digital Image Company Limited
    Manufacturer of inkjet photo paper, RC silky inkjet photo paper, RC glossy inkjet photo paper, double coated glossy/matte inkjet photo paper, glossy inkjet photo paper, coated inkjet paper, and ink cartridge. China.
  • IJ Technologies
    Manufacturer of inkjet papers including outdoor durable water resistant media, indoor and outdoor photo-base media, canvases and papers for fine art reproduction, solvent inkjet media, and ink jet media. USA.
  • Naisi Inkjet Photo Paper Co., Ltd.
    Produces photo paper, PP photo paper, waterproof PP film for display, transparent PET inkjet film, PET white opaque polyester film, waterproof self-adhesive PVC inkjet film, flex material, and waterproof art canvas. China.
  • Oriental Photo Industrial
    Manufacturer of photographic quality inkjet media, black and white photographic paper for professionals, hyper seagull papers process sepia or black and white prints using RA-4 chemistry.

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