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Lens is widely used in imaging systems such as a monocular, binoculars, telescope, spotting scope, microscope, and camera (photographic lens). A zoom lens is a mechanical assembly of lenses with the ability to change its focal length manually or through the use of a controller to cover a variety of needs. Camera and lens systems come in a variety of configurations for the consumer, including lens systems attached to the camera and interchangeable lens systems. Cameras with fixed lenses can include point-and-shoot type fixed focal length lenses or zoom lenses of variable focal length. They are easy to use and come in compact packages, but have relatively lower quality optics or limited zoom capability. Interchangeable lenses come in various types. The lenses can include various fixed focal length and zoom ranges. They can include optics of very high quality or less than high quality. Cameras with interchangeable lenses are often known as single lens reflex cameras. A conventional zoom lens of a camera moves two or more lens groups relatively to one another by a cam mechanism arranged within a rotatable cylinder supporting the lens group therein. In recent years, smaller zoom lenses of a high variable magnifying power and of a shorter entire length as a photographing lens are available for use in optical devices such as lens shutter cameras, video cameras and digital cameras. A filter is a square optical glass mounted on a holder accessory, o a glass or plastic disk with a metal or plastic ring frame. It consists of an optical filter that can be inserted in the optical path.

Listings on Cameras and optics : Lenses and filters

  • Alaud Optical (Xiamen) Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturing optical lens, cemented lens, fixed focal lens, zooming lens, long focal length lens, wide angle lens, standard focal lens, high precision prism, window lens and polarimeter, infrared material, CCD/CMOS lenses, and laser pointer lenses. China.
  • Apex Optical Services
    Optical manufacturing company offering precision optical components such as filter mounts and holders, filter rings and adaptors in a variety of materials. Provides services catering for prototype low volume components for research and development projects to full production requirements. UK.
  • Changchun Dongya Optical Co., Ltd.
    Specializes in producing diversified optical lenses including board lenses, pinhole lenses, digital still camera lenses , PC camera lenses, mobile phone lenses, fixed iris lenses, manual iris lenses, auto iris lenses, motor zoom lenses, and rotary encoders. China.
  • Coastal Optical Systems, Inc.
    Manufacturer of 185?fisheye lenses, UV lenses, alignment cubes, PIP generator, hyperspectral 25mm lens, machine vision lenses, and interferometric lenses. China.
  • Fuzhou Foresight Optical Instrument Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of fix iris monofocal lens, manual iris monofocal lens, auto iris monofocal lens (DC drive), auto iris monofocal lens (video drive), vari-focal lens(auto iris), vari-focal lens (manual iris), board camera/pinhole lens, and motorized zoom lens (motor/auto iris). China.
  • Fuzhou Senview Optics Co., Ltd.
    Manufactures CCTV lens, board lens, day-night infrared lens, PC/DSC camera lens, zoom lens, high resolution lens, pinhole mono-focus lens, binoculars, CCD cameras, dome cameras, quad processor, and web cameras. China.
  • Genius Electronic Optical Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of digital still camera lens, PC camera lens, mobile phone camera lens, film camera lens, view finder, projector lens, optical mouse lens, and laser lens. Taiwan, China.
  • Kinko Optical Co., Ltd.
    Produces high precision optic products including camera zoom lens, digital camera lens, scanner lens, LCD projector zoom lens, CCD lens, COMS extra slim lens, LCOS rear projection TV, and bar code reader lens. Taiwan, China.
  • Linos AG
    Design and manufacture of optical, opto-mechanical and opto-electronic components and systems, including F-theta lenses, beam expanders, laser diode collimating and focusing lenses, line scan camera lenses, professional enlarging lenses, polarizing optics, lightsources and lasers. Germany.
  • Newport Corporation
    Produces cylindrical lenses, spherical lenses, beamsplitters, optical systems, ultrafast laser optics, optical filters, light sources, opto-mechanics, spectroscopy instruments, light test and measurement instruments.
  • Schneider Optics Inc.
    Manufacturer of large format lenses, digital photography, filters for still photography, filters for motion picture and broadcast television, C-mount lenses, machine vision lens systems, and magnifier. USA.
  • Tamron USA, Inc.
    Manufacturer of 35mm SLR lenses for film and digital cameras, adaptall and manual focus lenses for film cameras, adaptall lens mounts, teleconverters, medium format cameras, and CCTV lenses.
  • The Tiffen Company
    Manufacturer and supplier of photographc filters and lens accessories for the consumer/professional imaging and the digital, still, video, motion picture and broadcast television industries. USA.
  • UQG (Optics) Ltd.
    Manufactures optical filters, cylindrical lenses, plano convex lenses, bi-convex lenses, condenser lenses, aspheric lenses, meniscus lenses, optical mirrors, optical prisms, and optical windows. UK.

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