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Memory cards are used to store digital data for use with electronic products such as cell phones, camera phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), laptops, MP3 players, digital cameras, and camcorders. Memory cards compatible with PCMCIA (Personal Computer Memory Card International Association) standard are used to install memory in a small form factor for digital computer systems. Memory cards essentially comprise a memory module and a card body which is generally made of a plastic material. Memory cards which are usually cards each having at least one integrated circuit forming a microprocessor comprising ROM, RAM, EPROM and/or EEPROM type memories. The processing machine includes processing circuits for making use of the information contained in the memory of the card and for modifying said information, together with read/write apparatus which serves to provide a temporary electrical connection between the contact tabs of the card and the processing circuits of the machine. This connection serves to supply power to the integrated circuit in the card. The memory card transacts data with a host unit in a unit of cluster (a cluster has 4 k bytes or 2 k bytes), and the flash memory reads or writes a cluster of data at a time. The card body is in the form of a rectangular parallel-piped which must be less than 1 mm thick. The edges of the card body are used as a reference for positioning the card in a card reader. The use of memory cards has become widespread and the number of different types of memory cards has increased. Different electronic devices use different types of memory cards. Examples of memory cards are flash cards that use flash type or EEPROM type memory cells to store the data. CompactFlash card is particularly popular for use with digital cameras. It is about one-fourth the volume of the PCMCIA card. Yet the CompactFlash card may provide complete PCMCIA functionality and compatibility. MemoryStick card made by Sony may be used with digital cameras for additional storage. It uses a 10-pin connector and uses a serial data transfer method to move the data. Another popular flash memory card is the MultiMediaCard (MMC) which is typically being the size of a postage stamp. Secure Digital (SD) card from SanDisk. SD cards are similar in shape to MMC cards, but thicker, such as about 2.1 mm thick.

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  • ATP Electronics, Inc.
    Flash memory card manufacturer specializing in high end premium memory products. Offers a complete line of highly durable and reliable flash memory products. USA.
  • Dane-Elec Corp.
    Manufacturer of memory modules and boards for computers, telecommunications and digital appliances. Products include MMC mobile flash memory cards, card reader, DDR2 memory modules, xD card, reduced-size multimedia card, and mini Secure Digital.
  • Delkin Devices Inc.
    Manufacturer of digital memory products for digital devices, products include ATA disk modules (ADM), ATA flash drives, CompactFlash cards, custom OEM modules, PC cards, standard memory (DIMMS and SIMMS), and SmartMedia cards. USA.
  • Kingston Technology Company, Inc.
    Manufactures a variety of memory products such as system specific memory, specialty build memory, CompactFlash, Secure Digital, MultiMediaCards, and media readers/writers. USA.
  • Lexar Media, Inc.
    Manufacturer of removable flash memory cards, USB flash drives, card readers and ATA controller technology solutions for the digital photography, consumer electronics, industrial and communications markets. Products include CompactFlash, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, MultiMediaCard, SD, Mini-SD, SmartMedia, and xD-picture card. USA.
  • Pretec Electronics Corp.
    Manufactures CompactIO cards, flash PC Cards, and digital imaging products. Products include ATA PC card, CompactFlash, IDE flash drive, MIDE flash drive Module, PCMCIA SRAM, PCMCIA linear flash, and security CF card. USA.

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