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Darkroom is a lighttight area used for processing films and for printing and processing papers; also for loading and unloading film holders and some cameras. Tools and accessories used in darkroom usually consist of air and temperature regulators, darkroom chemicals, darkroom sinks and accessories, enlargers and accessories (glassless negative carrier, resin coated color enlarging paper, enlarging easel), film processing / developing supplies, light boxes, loupes, photographic paper, portable background support system, paper background, cameras and photography shoe mount multi clamp, studio lighting and accessories (bulbs and lamps, floodlights, light controls, monolights, power packs, spotlights, studio lighting kits, collapsable disc reflector, analog and digital video lighting location kit, photoflood light reflector, umbrella white bounce, and interfit reflector).

Listings on Cameras and optics : Darkroom and studio equipment

  • AP Photo Industries S.l.
    Specialises in the manufacturing and commercialisation of photographic accessories and products, including darkroom accessories (developing tanks, trays, cylinders, safe lights), slide accessories, and photofinishing accessories. Spain.
  • Falcon Eyes Ltd.
    Manufacturer and exporter of photographic equipment including studio lighting systems, slave flashes, lighting stands, reflectors, photo tables, tripods, electronic flashes, and fluorescent lights. Hong Kong, China.
  • Hass Manufacturing Company
    Manufactures intellifaucet mixing valves, EPV or ECV electronic control valves, intellifaucet batch and temperature control valves, and water filters for food, chemical and photo processing. USA.
    Manufacturer and supplier of timers and analysers, easels and testprinters, easels and testprinters, enlarger, processors for the professional, processing tanks and drums, reader/adapter, mobile harddrives, and inkjet paper.
  • OmegaSatter
    Manufacturer and distributor of photographic products, including achiever flashes, cloud dome lighting, emerging power batteries, polaris exposure meters, visual plus slide viewers, enlargers, and darkroom accessories. USA.
  • San Lab Systems Inc.
    Manufacturer and supplier of precision film cleaning equipment, including non-immersion film cleaner, ultra precision guide rollers, titewind assemblies, anti-static particle transfer rollers, rotary buffers, bearings, snap cap hubs, and other speciality items. Canada.

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