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A USB (universal serial bus) is a standard data transmission media for transferring power, data and other electrical signals, used in communication products, particularly desktop computers and laptop computers and the related peripherals such as scanners, printers, digital speakers, modems, compact disk drives, radio frequency transceivers, video/audio links, MP3 players, hard drives, DVD drives, CD drives, smart card/bar code readers, digital cameras, digital video recorders, camcorders, speakers and amplifiers. USB connectors have the advantages of higher data transmission speed than earlier RS232 connectors, high expandability, hot swappable capability, ease of installation and maintenance. A USB connector replaces different kinds of serial and parallel port connectors with a standardized plug and port connection. A USB connector is generally comprised of a connector body, a cable connected to the connector body, and an insulative shell covered on the connector body and a part of the cable to secure the connector body and the cable together. There are two standard types of USB (Universal Serial Bus) electrical connectors, namely A-type and B-type USB connectors. Type A connector uses a receptacle that contains four pins in a straight line on one side of a connector plate. Type B connector comprises two pins on either side of the receptacle connector plate.

Listings on Cables and connectors : USB connectors

  • EDC, Inc.
    Supplier of universal serial bus (USB) cable assemblies, thru-hole and surface-mount printed circuit boards, and overmolding services. USA.
  • Fully Top Limited
    Manufacturer of USB bluetooth adapters, USB skype phone, notebook cooler pad, aluminum USB hub, HDD enclosure, card reader, web camera, and sound card. China.
  • Keltron Connector Co.
    Manufacturer of USB and mini USB connectors, board connectors, centronics connectors, gender adapters, modular phone plug and boots, power SIMM smart card connectors, and datacomm products. USA.
  • Keyspan
    Manufactures USB serial adapters, PCI serial cards, remote controls, USB server, USB bluetooth adapter, USB parallel printer adapter, USB card, USB hub, audio cables, cell phone charge cables, ethernet cables, and firewire card. USA.
  • Onlytek Industrial Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of bluetooth adapter, bluetooth headset, FM transmitte, USB flash disks, USB hub, card readers, USB speaker, USB keyboard, USB fan/lamp, USB adapters, and cable assemblies. China.
  • Raycon Technology, Inc.
    Produces USB connectors, IEEE 1394 connectors, centronics connectors, SCSI and VHDCI connectors, D-subminiature connectors, male shrouded and latched headers, edge card connectors, modular jacks and plugs. USA.
  • Tsingtai Technologies Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of USB connectors, USB cable, USB mobile charger, USB fans, USB notebook cooler, multi USB hub, XD card, PC camera, USB light, USB fans, and card reader. China.

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