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Electrical terminal blocks (also known as terminal junction blocks, junction blocks, or barrier blocks) are devices used for safely, conveniently and efficiently connecting together one or more pairs of wires or cables. Terminal blocks are utilized in the telecommunications industry to provide an efficient connection for individual wires, line or conductors to individual pairs of lines of a multi-pair cable. Terminal blocks generally are configured as standard, multi-chambered units which terminate either 5, 10 or 25 wire pairs. Terminal blocks are generally of different lengths depending upon requirements at a particular site. Also, terminal blocks are often used outdoors which require sealing of the electrical connections against adverse environmental conditions, especially moisture. The typical terminal block utilizes insulation displacement connectors sometimes called clips to make the connection. A common type of terminal connector for connecting electrical wiring is the fast-on connector in which a female connector slides on and clamps a male terminal blade. A variety of terminal block assemblies have been introduced that include one or more filter elements coupled to electrical terminal elements for removing undesirable frequency transmission through the terminal block.

Listings on Cables and connectors : Terminal blocks

  • BlockMaster Electronics, Inc.
    Manufacturer of European style terminal blocks, screwless style blocks, barrier style blocks, barrier style printed circuit board mount, panel mount style printed circuit board mount, and thru-panel style printed circuit board mount. USA.
  • Bocatech, Inc.
    Manufactures terminal blocks, fuse blocks, analog panel meters, digital panel meters, meter bezels, military shunts, portable shunts, current transformers, battery charge indicator, and fuses. USA.
  • Conta Clip Inc.
    Manufacturer of Din rail terminal blocks, FRK pressure spring conection system, PC board terminal blocks, conta strips, cord grips, metal cable trays, enclousures, interface modules, and ferrules. USA.
  • Curtis Industries Inc.
    Manufactures north American style terminal blocks, custom terminal blocks, modular DIN terminal blocks, RF filters, relay sockets, and dependable solid state devices to liquid level, photoelectric temperature and process control. USA.
  • E-Mark Inc.
    Produces UL/CSA terminal blocks, modular terminal blocks, pluggable terminal blocks, screwless terminal blocks, test points, barrier strips, datamates, DIP switches, multicoders, connectors, headers, and sockets. USA.
  • JITE Connectors Inc.
    Manufacturer of Euro terminal blocks, barrier terminal blocks, pluggable terminal blocks, spring terminal blocks, dinrail terminal blocks, and rail optocoupler terminal blocks. USA.
  • Marathon Special Products
    Manufacturer of Din rail terminal blocks, Din rail disconnect terminal block, ground terminal block, fuse terminal block, identification labels, heavy duty terminal blocks, single row terminal blocks, fuse holders, power blocks, and terminal block accessories. USA.
  • Phoenix Contact
    Manufacturer of (IEC) terminal blocks, analog and digital interface products, printed circuit board terminal blocks, controllers and IO, industrial plug connectors, and surge protection. USA.
  • RIA Connect
    Manufacturing European terminal blocks, tubular screw terminal blocks, IDC terminal blocks, headers for pluggable terminal blocks, RJ-45 jacks, telecom jacks, and surface mount. USA.
  • Texas Spectrum Electronics, Inc.
    Produces custom EMI filters, custom high voltage suppressors, standard EMI filters, high current feed-thru capacitors, telecom power filters, filtered terminal blocks, DC/DC converter filters, D-connectors, filtered network assemblies for rack/panel. USA.
  • WECO Electrical Connectors Inc.
    Manufactures terminal blocks for printed circuit boards, rail mounted electronic modules, terminal strips for panel/chassis mounting, grounding terminals, and ceramic terminal blocks. Canada.
  • Weidmüller
    Manufacturer of terminal blocks, PCB connectors and terminals, protected components, heavy duty connectors, relay sockets, power supply, and overvoltage protection modules. USA.
  • Wieland Electric
    Manufactures DIN rail mount terminal blocks, pluggable PC connectors, industrial multipole connectors, modular and fixed position PC connectors, terminal strips, and remote I/O communications system. USA.

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