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Power connectors are used extensively as connective interfaces in various power delivery systems, such as a power distribution system or a power supply system. Power connectors need to carry much higher current than signal connectors. Power connectors such as for use in certain appliances need to provide assured electrical connections for transmission of electrical power over long-term in-service use in environments having temperatures in the range of 200 to 350 degrees Celsius. Because the power in an electronic system might have a dangerous voltage, the backplane power connectors often need protective features to prevent a human from accidentally contacting a power conductor. Power connectors, by virtue of their wire size, are inherently large and bulky. The cables used with power connectors are heavy and cumbersome. Thus, many of the requirements for signal and power connectors are different. Power connectors typically consist of two parts, a male portion and a female portion, both of which are necessary to make an electrical connection.

Listings on Cables and connectors : Power connectors

  • Anderson Mining Products
    Produces power connectors, cable clamps, charger key, battery capacity and hour meters, dust covers, reducing bushings, terminal protection, shrink tubing and cable ties, crimpers and cable cutters. USA.
  • Anderson Power Products
    Design and manufacture of high power interconnects and accessories, including power drawer connectors, euro battery connectors, PCB connectors, singepole connectors, and multipole connectors. USA.
  • Dossert
    Manufactures cast and fabricated connectors for all segments of the electrical industry including substation, grounding, compression, flexible braid, overhead distribution, and underground network. USA.
  • Duraline
    Produces multi-pin plugs and connectors, power distribution panels, multi-gang 5000v connectors, single/multi-gang 600V connectors, GFCI distribution blocks, weather-proof power distribution blocks, preheat welding systems, and firepower systems. USA.
  • Positronic Industries
    Manufacturer of power connectors, circular connectors, rectangular connectors and D-subminiature connectors, thermocouple connectors, sealed connectors, space flight connectors, blind mate connectors, and sequential mate connectors. USA.
  • Shenzhen Flyaford Ind. Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of JMD module power connectors, LZQ cable commutators, pneumatic crimping tools, AC input, single circuit DC output, DC input, and insulating rods. China.

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