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A power cable is a long, cylindrically symmetric structure with a dielectric which operates at relatively high electrical stress. This solid dielectric is covered with a semi-conductive shield, thus forming a cable core on which a metallic ground shield is applied. Power cables typically include one or more electrical conductors, several layers of polymeric materials including a first or inner semiconducting shield layer (conductor or strand shield), an insulation layer, a second or outer semiconducting shield layer (insulation shield), a metallic tape or wire shield, and a protective jacket. Polyethylene and cross-linked polyethylene have been extensively used as an insulation for a DC power cable since they are superior in dielectric strength and other dielectric characteristics. Cross-linked polyethylene insulated electric power cables have various advantages of not only excellent electrical property, mechanical property, and heat-resistance property, but also easy maintenance. Because of these advantages, the cross-linked polyethylene insulated electric power cable is the mainstream type of power-transmission cable. Internal electrical wiring in residential homes for 15 ampere A.C. power supply has been standardized as 14-2G type NM-B sheathed cable. This sheathed cable consists of three 14 gage solid conductors, with the line and neutral conductors individually insulated and disposed in a parallel flat lay on opposite sides of an insulated ground conductor.

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  • Alcan Products Corporation
    Produces aluminum alloy transmission cable, aluminum conductors, covered overhead line wire, multiplex overhead service drop, 600V underground service cable, two layer ruggedized cable, single layer ruggedized cable, and building wire products. USA.
  • Changzhou Myway Electronics Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer and exporter of power cables, coaxial cables, coaxial positioner cable, UTP CAT5 cable, UTP CAT5e cable, telephone cables, ABC cables, and flexible wires. China.
  • Electro Cable Egypt Co.
    Specializes in production and export of over head power cables, telecommunication cables, low tension power and control cables, telephone cables and wires, medium and high tension power cables. Egypt.
  • Evertop Wire Corporation
    Produces power cable, electronic wire and power cords, computer and coaxial cable, optical fiber cable, communication cable, fire resistent and flame retardant cable, and low smoke free halogen cable. Taiwan, China.
  • Fenghua Better Electron Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of coaxial cables, telephone wires, speaker cables (clear speaker wire, red/black wire, black/white wire), power cables (auto power cable), lead covered cables, and alarm cables. China.
  • Ganghong Electric Wire & Power Cable
    Designer and manufacturer of electric wires and power cables, control cables, coaxial cables, speaker wires, telephone wires, overhead cables, and related products. China.
  • Milspec Industries
    Manufacturer of electrial wire and cable poducts including heavy duty extension cords, specialty cords, portable power cables, submersible pump cables, irrigation, sprinkler and landscape cables, and miscellaneous cables. USA.
  • Ningbo Yunhuan Electronics Group Corp.
    Manufactures power supply cable, power cord, AC power cable, lead powercord set, plugs and sockets, wire assemblies, couplers, apparatus switches, cable reels, PC power cord cable, adapters, outdoor waterproof lights, and sound image lights. China.
  • Paramount Communications Ltd.
    Manufacturer of a wide product basket including power cables, HT power cables, LT power cables, aerial bunch cables, control cables, instrumentation cables, thermocouple extension cables, compensating cables, railway cables, railway axle counter cables, railway signaling cables, optical fiber cables, polythene insulated jelly filled cables, and telecom cables. India.
  • Qingdao Zhongneng Group
    Manufacturer of power cables, data cables, optic fiber cables, aerial insulated cable, bare wire, fire retardant wire and cable, category 5 UTP data cable, and silica gel. China.
  • Southwire Company
    Manufacturer of power cable, aluminum covered line wire, aluminum bare transmission and distribution cable, aluminum 600 volt secondary UD cable, copper building wire, primary UD cable, and multi-conductor armored cables. USA.
  • Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.
    Manufactures flame-resistant low-smoke-emitting power cables and environment-friendly ecology cables, high-voltage power cable, flat cable, heat-shrinkable tubing, electrical wiring system, fiber optic cable, optical connector, optical fusion splicer, and optical amplifier. Japan.
  • The Kerite Company
    Manufacturer of low voltage 600V-2000V power cable, medium voltage 5kV-35kV power cable, medium voltage 15kV-35kV underground distribution cable, high voltage 46kV-138kV power cable. USA.

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