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Grommet assemblies are often used to pass a wire bundle through an aperture in a panel. A grommet assembly is desirable to protect the bundle from the sharp edges of the aperture through the sheet metal of the bulkhead panel. Electrical cord access grommets is used as escutcheon for openings within office furniture. Such escutcheon grommets are intended to aesthetically protectively line the office furniture opening and to provide a compact, non-chafing surrounding environment for electrical cord extending upwardly through the furniture opening. A common known grommet is a simple flexible cylindrical rubber member designed to pop fit through an aperture with a wire or a small wire bundle passing therethrough. Flexible grommets are often used in an aircraft or the like to provide a seal between a hole in a wall panel and the outer diameter of a wire bundle, cable, or tube. Wire and cable often require connection to other electrical components including connectors and plugs. A connection to the wire or cable may require a water tight seal. A wire management grommet includes an outer peripheral member and an inner perforate member. The outer peripheral member is constructed and arranged to frictionally engage a planar surface, usually a desk or tabletop.

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  • Accurate Products, Inc.
    Produces grommets, recessed bumpers, button bumpers, stem bumpers, leg tips, tack bumpers, machine screw bumpers, suction cups, vinyl caps, custom extrusions, die cut parts, the elastomers, stoppers, and mounts. USA.
  • Atlantic India Rubber Company
    Manufacturer of industrial grommets, military grommets, grommet bumpers, stem bumpers, recessed bumpers, bushings, suction cups, tips, caps, and extruded shapes. USA.
  • Atlantic Rubber Company
    Manufacturer of standard rubber grommets, perfluoroelastomer o-rings, fluoroelastomers o-rings, silicone o-rings, gaskets, medical grade silicone and rubber stoppers, latex, and natural rubber tubing, and custom molded rubber products. USA.
  • Atlas Bolt & Screw Company
    Designing, manufacturing, and marketing fasteners and fastening systems including grommet seal fasteners, flat-top fasteners, self-drilling fasteners, self-tappers, and rivets. USA.
  • Bruce Plastics
    Produces injection molded handles, polylastomer universal grommets, plastic feet and bumpers, suction cups, stem bumpers, snap-in bumpers, binder posts, drive caps, thread protectors, and tube caps. USA.
  • Canadian Buckle Limited
    Manufacturer of plastic buckles, metal buckles, webbing, thread and textiles, rivets, grommets, snaps/jean buttons, snap hooks, zippers, custom souvenir, closures, chains, and toggle sets. Canada.
  • Delta Flexible Products, Inc.
    Manufacturer of grommets (standard grommets, bumper grommets), bumpers, gaskets, motor mounts, suction cups, tips, dock bumpers, extruded "U" channels, extruded profiles, and bumpers. USA.
  • Device Technologies, Inc.
    Designing and manufacturing specialty wire protection, cable management and fastening solutions. Products include composite wire protection grommet edging and radius control module (RCM) for fiber optic cabling. USA.
  • Elder Rubber Company
    Manufactures industrial grommets, military specification grommets, boots, bushings, cups, diaphragms, gaskets, bell jar gaskets, o-rings, seals, sponge materials, washers, and vibration mounts. USA.
  • Emhart Teknologies
    Produces assembly technology, systems, and fasteners, including grommets, pop rivets, self-piercing rivets, helicoil and dodge threaded inserts, tucker stud welding, parker-kalon self drilling screws, gripco torque and weld nuts, warren metal and plastic clips.
  • Estco Enterprises, Inc.
    Manufacturer of rubber grommets, rubber bumpers, rubber extrusions, liquid tight strain reliefs, seal and plug master, self fusing silicone tape, thermoplastic rubber bumpers and feet, rubber vibration mounts, well-nut and jack-nut.
  • Gasket Specialties, Inc.
    Manufacturer of grommets, bumpers, vibration mounts, flat tape, bolt hole tape, ring joints, head gaskets, santoprene extrusions, o-rings, teflon joint sealant, and insulation gasket kits. USA.
  • Hawthorne Rubber Mfg. Corp.
    Manufactures military nitrile rubber grommets, standard styrene butadiene rubber grommets, rubber stoppers, rubber balls, o-rings, bushings, suction cups, stoppers, and die cut gaskets. USA.
  • ITW Fastex
    Manufacturing plastic fasteners, access panel fasteners, self-adhesive bumpers, wire management and electronics fasteners, plastic and push-in clips, grommets, rivets, and plastic fastener products for multiple applications in virtually any industry. USA.
  • Keystone Electronics Corp.
    Manufacturer of universal rubber grommets, PCB quick-fit terminals, battery and coin cell holders, contacts and clips, computer and mounting brackets, bumpers, bushings,cases, eyelets, hole plugs, plugs and jacks, screw terminals and terminal blocks, spacers and standoffs. USA.
  • Minor Rubber
    Manufactures rubber grommets, bumpers tips and appliance feet, precision extruded rubber shapes, vibration isolation mounts, engineering guide, bellows boots and covers. USA.
  • Profile Rubber Corp., Inc.
    Manufacturer of rubber compounds, elastomers, compression molding, transfer molding, tooling, bushings, grommets, gaskets, seals, o-rings, and rubber bonding. USA.
  • Seals Eastern, Inc.
    Manufacturer of gaskets, v-rings and d-rings, u-cups, washers, grommets, metal bonded valve seats, packer elements, grease retaining seals, slugs, and standard o-rings. USA.
  • Stimpson Company
    Produces eyelets, grommets, washers, hole plugs, snap fasteners, rivets, clamps, corners, ferrules, contacts, connectors, arrows, shells, quick rivets, spinners, spots, terminals, vents, tooling and attaching machines. USA.
  • Trimco ( A Division of Trim-Gard Company Limited )
    Manufacturer of plastic profile extrusions. Products include extruded seals, edge trim, lip trim, decorative trim, automotive trim, marine trim, industrial trim and custom plastic extrusions. Canada.

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