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Electronic connectors are used to connect many types of electronic equipment, such as communications equipment. Electronics connectors in the computer and communications industry are available for a wide array of applications from communications and data transfer applications to power connections. Electronic connectors include an insulative body which mounts a plurality of contacts in conjunction with electrical components such as capacitors or other such components. In a conventional electronic connector for use in connecting a daughter printed circuit board with a mother printed circuit board, a pair of latches are provided on two opposite end portions of the connector, it has a plurality of contact terminals each terminal embedded in the connector socket for connecting a plurality of terminal pads provided on a lower edge portion of the daughter board. Typically, RJ-45 modular socket assemblies are used to connect a computer to a network, such as the Internet, a wide area network (WAN) or a local area network (LAN). Universal serial bus (USB) connectors are used to connect peripheral devices to computers.

Listings on Cables and connectors : Electronic connectors

  • Alden Products Company
    Manufacturer of auto-coupling circular connectors, industrial ethernet cable assemblies, industrial ethernet receptacles and plugs, medical disposable connectors, medical reusable interconnects, circular connector cable assemblies, and high voltage connectors. USA.
  • Chien Shern Enterprise
    Supplies a broad range of electronic connectors including pcb mount electronic connectors and surface mount electronic connector. Main products are FFC/FPC electronicconnector, female header electronicconnector, pin header electronicconnector, board to wire electronic connector, wire to board electronic connector, wire to wire electronic connector, power connectors. Taiwan, China.
  • Custom Connector Corporation
    Manufacturer of industrial relay sockets, automotive relay sockets and connectors, electronic packaging products, terminal blocks and custom designed electro-mechanical interconnect devices. USA.
  • Fujipoly America Corporation
    Manufactures and distributes electronic packaging components elastomeric electronic connectors, thermal management components, self-fusing silicone rubber general purpose class H electrical tape, LCD connector assemblies, and custom silicone rubber extrusions.
  • Hirose Electric Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of automotive connectors, copy machine and laser printer connectors, digital camera connectors, plasma display panel connectors, mobile phone connectors, notebook PC connectors, PDA connectors , router and LAN switch connectors, camera-equipped flip phone connectors, LCD television connectors, and DVD recorder connectors.
  • Keltron Connector Co.
    Manufacturer of electronic connectors including PCB connectors, board-in connectors, edge card connectors, DIN connectors, fiber optic connectors, center sockets, board spacers, gender adapters, modular phone plug and boots, wire to wire connectors, and power SIMM smart card. USA.
  • Molex Incorporated
    Globle manufacturer of PCB connectors, PCB receptacles, backplane connectors, sockets and edge card, wire connectors, flat flex cable connectors, terminal blocks and strips, modular plugs and jacks, memory card, fiber optic connectors and adapters.
  • NorComp
    Manufacturer of I/O interconnect products suchs as D sub backshells, D-sub connectors, SCSI and delta ribbon connectors, USB connectors and cables, headers and receptacles, power D and combo D. USA.
  • Positronic Industries
    Manufacturer of power connectors, circular connectors, rectangular connectors and D-subminiature connectors, PCB mount connectors, cable connectors, thermocouple connectors, sealed connectors, space flight connectors, blind mate connectors, sequential mate connectors, hot swap power supply connectors.
  • SPI Corporate
    Manufactures PC board and flex circuit interface, PCB sockets, IDC connectors, crimp connectors, terminal blocks, modular jacks and plugs, D-sub connectors, audio video jacks, industrial connectors, and cable assembly. USA.
  • Teka/AWI, Inc.
    Manufacturer of card edge connectors, compli-mate connectors, telecommunication connectors, Din connectors, headers, power connectors, backplane assemblies, wire wrapping, PC board assemblies soldered, and custom cable assembles. USA.
  • Tyco Electronics
    Produces connectors and interconnection systems, terminal blocks, relays, electronic modules, circuit protection devices, fiber optic components, wire and cable, switches, wireless components, sensors, printed circuit boards, touchscreens and application tooling.
  • Zierick Manufacturing Corporation
    Manufactures a comprehensive line of connectors includes pins, sockets, headers, quick disconnect terminals (QDT's), receptacles, insulation displacement connectors (IDC's), insulation piercing connectors (IPC's), board stacking connectors, test point terminals, jumpers, fuse clips, and screw terminals. USA.

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