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Electrical connectors are used to place electrical devices, such as printed circuit boards, in communication with one another. Electrical cable assemblies are used in a variety of applications and may extend from various panels, circuit boards or other electrical components. The cable assembly includes a flat flexible cable having a plurality of generally parallel conductors with insulation disposed around and between the respective conductors. Electrical connectors are used to provide a separable path for electric current to flow between components of an electrical system. Various electrical connectors having different structures and functions are used widely as transmission interfaces for meeting various needs of different electronic devices. Electrical connectors have been widely used in various electrical products and are developed to be more and more precise in order to facilitate the portability of the electrical products and to miniaturize the electrical products. A typical electrical connector includes some form of dielectric housing mounting a plurality of conductive terminals. Flexible printed circuit (FPC) connectors are commonly applied for electrical engagement between printed circuit board (PCB) and flexible printed circuit (FPC) boards. Land grid array (LGA) electrical connectors are widely used in the connector industry for electrically connecting CPU chips to PCBs. Modular electrical connectors are often used to establish electrical contact between electrical as components such as backplanes, motherboards, and daughter cards.

Listings on Cables and connectors : Electrical connectors

  • Aero -Electric Connector Inc.
    Manufacturer of circular and rectangular connectors, filter and transient protection connectors, and copper and fiber interconnect systems to a wide range of industrial, commercial and general aviation, transportation and military customers. USA.
  • Anderson Power Products
    Design and manufacture of high power interconnects and accessories, including singlepole connectors, multipole connectors, euro battery connectors, power drawer connectors, PCB connectors, and power pak connectors. USA.
  • Connector Manufacturing Company
    Full line electrical connector manufacturer specializing in pole line hardware and aluminum and copper connectors, offering both mechanical and compression designs. USA.
  • Binder-USA, LP
    Supplier of subminiature cylindrical connectors (plastic or metal, EMI shielded and sealed to IP67); miniature circular DIN connectors with M16 threaded, snap-in, bayonet & push-pull locking; industrial connectors with plastic or M23 threaded metal shells, EMI shielded and sealed to IP67; automation connectors for sensors and actuators (M5, M8, and M12 metric threaded locking); distribution modules and ASI interface devices for industrial networks; solenoid & DIN connectors for electrical valves; and custom connectors & cable assemblies.
  • Cliff Electronic Components, Inc.
    Designer, manufacturer and distributor of a broad line of electronic components and connectors including jack sockets, XLR's, terminal binding posts, switches, control knobs, RCA jacks, USB and firewire, DIN and optical connectors. USA.
  • Dossert Corporation
    Manufactures copper and aluminum connectors for sub-stations, switch yards, transmission lines, grounding systems, underground systems, industrial applications and electrified rail systems. USA.
  • FCI Connectors and Connector Systems
    Designer, manufacturer and supplier of electrical and electronic interconnect systems (power board connectors, back panel connectors, memory module and IC sockets connectors, card systems)for a wide range of consumer and industrial applications. France.
  • Hydro Group Plc.
    Manufacturer and distributor of electrical and fibre optic cables, subsea connectors, harsh environment connectors, electrical and fibre optic connectors and penetrators, including complete connection systems that can be tailored to meet customers own specification. UK.
  • IHI Connectors
    Manufactures wire connectors, PCB connectors, solderable lugs, ground lugs, earth bars, power connectors, neutral links, mechanical lugs, fuse connectors, tin plated lugs, bolt on wire connectors, and compression lugs. USA.
  • Illinois Tool Works
    Produces electrical connector, Din connector, terminal blocks, flat ribbon Din connectors, IDC connectors, wire harness, appliance electronic connectors, automotive electronic connectors, and medical electronic connectors. USA.
  • Northern Electrical Connectors
    Manufacturer of braided connectors, insulated Inter-cell connectors, solid copper connectors, charging leads for automotive cells, charging connectors, cable lug assemblies, inserts, studs, pillar castings, covers, caps, thimbles / sockets and injection moulded parts. USA.
  • Pollak
    Manufacturer of electrical connectors, back-up alarms, master disconnect switches, precision ball actuated switches, push-pull switches, circuit breakers, door lock actuators, toggle and rocker switches, and ignition switches. USA.
  • Promeco S.r.l.
    Manufactures connectors of high, medium voltage and grounding network, fiberglass poles, heat shrinkable tubings, insulated rods, short circuiting and grounding devices, shrinkable sealing ends and joints medium-low voltage. Italy.
  • Ranoda Electronics Pte. Ltd.
    Designer and manufacturer of customised connectors including EECOM connectors, combo I/O connectors, board to board connectors, telephone jacks, and stacking connectors. Singapore.
  • SEA CON Brantner & Associates, Inc.
    Manufacturer of underwater connectors including submersible switches, wet and dry mateable connectors, fiber optic and hybrid connectors, cable assemblies, and penetrators. USA.
  • Thomas & Betts Corporation
    Manufactures pin and sleeve connectors, mechanical connectors, compression connectors, exothermic welding and grounding products, compression drop connectors, telecom connectors, trunk and distribution connectors, boxes and covers, cable ties, and wire management systems. USA.
  • Vantage Technology, LLC
    Manufacturer of third-party certified explosion proof electrical connectors for use in hazardous environments. Products includs quick disconnect circuit breaking connectors, interlocked tumbler switch explosionproof and dust-tight connectors. USA.

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