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Flat, multiconductor, flexible cable has come into extensive use and generally comprises a ribbon of tape of an insulative material enclosing a plurality of round or thin flat conductors. Electrical rubber cables, are flexible electrical cables with a conductor surrounded by an insulating layer and an outer jacketing layer. A coaxial electrical cable for high speed transmission of electric signals generally comprises a metallic inner conductor surrounded by a dielectric insulating material. Ribbon cables are used for conducting a plurality of electrical signals. Ribbon cables usually comprise a large number of cylindrical stranded or solid conductors extending in parallel and spaced equidistant from each other in a single plane. Multi-conductor electrical cables having an inner conductor assembly with a dielectric covering surrounded by a braided wire shield are now in common use for rapidly transmitting signals to and from sophisticated electronic equipment. Electric cables and particularly electric power cables for medium and high voltages are composed of a plurality of polymer layers extruded around the electric conductor. The electric conductor is usually coated first with an inner semiconducting layer followed by an insulating layer, then an outer semiconducting layer. High-power cables generally are provided with a metal shield, being disposed over and above the insulation. Electrical cables for high-voltage circuits may be classified into two categories, including a cable system in which copper-conductor cables are used in a general manner, and a cable system which uses reinforced cables made of aramid fiber, glass fiber, etc.

Listings on Cables and connectors : Electrical cable

  • American Insulated Wire Corporation
    Manufactures and supplies both thermoset and thermoplastic types of electrical wire, cable, cord and cord set products, including building wire, control cable, cord sets/power supply cords, portable cord/cable, power cable and telecommunication cable.
  • Autac Products Limited
    Manufacturer of electrical retractable coiled or spiral cables for the transport, lighting, communications, power, electronics, chemical, medical, security and defence industries. UK.
  • Cableco Technologies
    Manufacturer of low voltage-drop power cabling systems, including pluggable bus bar system, captive hardware system, parallel power cable, low voltage-drop flexible power distribution system, rope-lay power distribution cable, modular and pluggable quick disconnect connector system. USA.
  • Cobra Wire & Cable, Inc.
    Manufacturer of power control cables, multi-conductor portable cords, high voltage power cable, high temperature cables, instrumentation cable, locomotive cable, battery systems cable, central office power cable, and telecom power cable. USA.
  • Coleman Cable, Inc.
    Manufactures electrical cables, voice and data cables, coaxial cable, medium and low capacitance shielded and unshielded multi-conductor/multi-pair cable, fire alarm cable, parallel zip wire, home theater wire, proprietary and standard extension cord products. USA.
  • Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable
    Produces multi-pair cable, conductor cable, electronic wire and cable, coaxial cable, extruded flat cable, fire alarm cable, local area network cable, electronic power supply cords, molded and specialty cable assemblies. USA.
  • General Cable Technologies Corporation
    Development, design, manufacture, marketing and distribution of copper, aluminum and fiber optic wire and cable products for the communications, energy, industrial and specialty markets. USA.
  • Grupo Condumex
    Manufacturing high, medium and low-voltage electrical wires, telecommunication and automotive industry cables. Products include copper and aluminum energy cables, enamel and sheathed magneto wire, fiber optics cables, copper telephone cables, electronics and network cable, high frequency and cable television coaxial cables.
  • Hellenic Cables s.a.
    Manufactures power cables, internal installation cables, control cables, low smoke and fume cables, marine and offshore cables, telecommunication cables, optic fibre cables, copper, aluminium, ACSR conductors. Greece.
  • National Wire & Cable Corporation
    Produces electronic hookup wire, miniature signal and control cables, shielded cables, digital data transmission cables, RF coaxial cables, multiple conductor control cables, and custom made cables. USA.
  • Northwire Inc.
    Manufactures and sells multiconductor electrical cables, power cables, and fieldbus cables for use in the industrial, commercial, electronics, transportation, aerospace and medical device industries. USA.
  • Relemac Overseas Inc.
    Exporter and manufacturer of housewiring, submersible cables, LAN/structural cables, coaxial cables, PTFE cables, XLPE cables, PVC cables, PILC cables, control cables, instrumentation cables, telecommunication cables, fibre optical cables, fire survival cables, hybrid amplifiers, broad band smplifier, combiners & mixers, digital receiver, modulators, tap off splitors, equalizers, power dividers, transmitters, distribution board, change over switch, RF switch, kit kat fuses, busbar chamber, circuit breakers, and sheet metal cutouts. India.
  • SAB North America
    Manufacturer and supplier of flexible control cables, continuous flex cables, torsion cables, flexible specialty cables, data cables, servo motor cables, european standardized cables, silicone cables, bus cables, halogen-free cables, ETFE, FEP and PFA cables, cord grips and lock nuts.
  • Superstar Cable Industries
    Manufacturer of low/medium/high voltage power cables, submersible cables, sewage cables, battery cables, control cables, rubber/PVC insulated welding cables. India.
  • Weico Wire & Cable, Inc.
    Manufacturer of power supply cords, multiconductor cable, coaxial cable, hook-up wire, multipair cable, flat cable, welding cable, teflon insulated cables, and magnet wire. USA.

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