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Edge card connectors are a type of electrical connector widely used in the electronic industry. Memory modules that comprise memory chips mounted on a daughter board are often connected to a mother board of an electronic device, such as a personal computer by means of a card edge connector. Daughter boards are often called as edge cards, because typically one edge of the card contains a plurality of electrical contacts or contact pads that extend laterally along the edge and provide the point of operative electrical connection between the edge card circuitry and the mother board circuitry. In electronic devices such as cellular phones, telephones, PDAs and digital cameras, a variety of functions are added by inserting an IC card with a built-in memory or control IC, such as a SIM (subscriber identity module) card, an MMC (multimedia card), a Smart Media card and an SD (super density or secure digital) card. Edge card connector is used to provide an interconnection between a circuit board and another board that is commonly known as a daughter board. Edge card connectors have an elongate housing defining an elongate receptacle or slot for receiving the mating edge of the printed circuit board. A female edge connector comprises one or more slots. Electrical contacts interior to the one or more slots terminate exterior to the edge connector in a plurality of solder tails. A male edge connector comprises a plurality of edge connector traces which are formed on, and arranged perpendicularly to, the edge of a PC board. In order to connect two electrical subassemblies comprising edge connectors, a male edge connector of a first subassembly is inserted into a female edge connector of a second subassembly.

Listings on Cables and connectors : Edge card connectors

  • Components Corporation
    Manufacturer of printed circuit card edge connectors, printed circuit test points, fuse clips, card guides, PLCC guides, wireform interconnects, preform jumpers and hardware, and bettery contacts. USA.
  • Eby Company
    Manufactures card edge connectors, custom connectors, socket adaptors, filtered connectors, interconnect clamps, receptacles, custom sockets, socket board assemblies, connector assemblies, and flat-flexible cable assemblies. USA.
  • EDAC Corporate
    Manufacturer of card edge connectors, D-subminiature connectors, rack and panel, ultra mate compliant pin card edge press fit, telecom backplane, telecom/data transfer, PLCC sockets, pin headers and sockets, digital video interface, modular jacks, waterproof, and cable assemblies. Canada.
  • Excell Cell Electronic Co., Ltd.
    Manufactures card connectors, board to board connectors, telecommunication relay, automotive relay, general control relay, phone jack, modular plug, splicing connectors, micro switch, slide switch, reed relay, electromechanical relay, and detector switch. Taiwan, China.
  • Rapid Conn, Inc.
    Manufacturer of card edge connectors, D-sub connectors, daughter card connector, motherboard connector, device connector, signal cable, jacks and switches, wire harnesses assemblies, over molded cable assemblies. USA.
  • Sullins Electronics Corp
    Manufacturer of low profile dip solder eyelet connectors, high profile dip solder wire-wrap connectors, high density connectors, dip solder, card extender, bi-level right angle connector, jumpers and shunts. USA.
  • Synergetix
    Designs and manufactures custom connectors, test sockets, and interfaces for a broad range of industries including telecommunications, medical/dental, automotive, connectors, ATE component testing, computer, security, aerospace, military, and other specialized applications. USA.

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