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Communications and electronics cables are used today in a broad array of applications, many of which require that the cable carry high frequency signals over long distances. Communications cables, such as cables used in telephone lines, typically consist of insulated copper cores, the layer surrounding the copper being formed from an insulating polymeric material. Local area networks typically use category 5 cable as the interconnect cable. Category 5 represents a standard set forth by ANSI, and the TIA/EIA group. The Telecommunications Industry Association and the Electronics Industry Association (TIA/EIA) have developed standards which specify specific categories of performance for cable impedance, attenuation, skew and particularly crosstalk isolation. A category 5 cable is required to have 38 dB of isolation between the twisted pairs at 100 MHz and a category 6 cable is required to have 42 dB of isolation between the twisted pairs at 100 MHz. Fiber optic, coaxial, and copper pair cables are widely used in the telecommunications industry. High pair count copper cables, containing individual twisted pairs of conductors, are frequently used as feeder cables between telephone customers and the telephone company central office. Broadband coaxial cables are often found in cable television (CATV) systems. Fiber optic cables are increasingly used to transmit video, voice, and data. Optical fiber offers advantages of small size, lightweight, large bandwidth and high transmission data rates. Multi-conductor cables are common for transferring multiple currents to and from electronic systems and devices. A differential data transmission cable comprises a structure in which a shield is provided so as to cover a pair of conductors each coated with an insulator. Cables for connecting a computer with peripheral devices including keyboard, mouse, scanner or an external data storage device, have been increasingly standardized. For transmission speeds or data rates below 12 Mbits per second, universal serial bus (USB) cables are used. For higher data rates, of 100 Mbits per second and above, IEEE1394 cables have more and more come into use.

Listings on Cables and connectors : Data and communications cables

  • AFC Cable Systems, Inc.
    Designer, manufacturer and supplier of electrical distribution products, including pre-wired armored and metal clad cables, flexible wiring systems, flexible metal, non-metalic, and flexible metallic liquidtight conduits and fittings. USA.
  • Cabelte Cabos Electricos e Telefonicos, S.A.
    Produces low voltage cables, medium voltage cables, telecommunication cables, optical fibre cables, ICB optical fibre, overhead lines bare cables, special purpose cables, andsolutions and turnkey serviices. Portugal.
  • Cables Unlimited Inc.
    Specializes in fiber optics, fibre channel / Infiniband cable assemblies, RF & coaxial cable assemblies, cable harnesses, audio/video/Toslink cables, SCSI cable assemblies and adapters, USB 2.0 and under cable assemblies and adapters, cabling products for OEM, and network cable assemblies. USA.
  • Cords Cable Industries Pvt. Ltd.
    Manufacturer of LT copper control and power cables, fire retardent low smoke cables, instrument signal and data cables, computer networking cables, telephone cables, coaxial cables, thermocouple extension/ compensating cables, and custom designed cables. India.
  • Draka Cableteq USA
    Full array of power, control, signal, fiber optic and instrumentation cables and 2-hour fire rated emergency cable. Serving the marine, oil & gas, rail, airport, highway, defense, commercial, industrial, utility and residential applications.
  • Draka Comteq
    Manufacturer of telecom cables, long distance telecom cables, signalling cables, corrugated RF cables, paper insulated telecom cables, and multimedia cable.
  • Fastlink Data Cables Ltd.
    Specialise in manufacturing custom made cables, Cisco cables, Nortel cables, 3Com cables, SCSI cables, coaxial cables, octopus serial cables, fibre optic cables, stacking cables, power cords, cable reel holders, and cable assemblies. UK.
  • Linan Wanli Telecom Cable Factory
    Manufactures coaxial cable, CATV cables and drop cables, including RG59 coaxial cable, RG6 coaxial cable, RG7 coaxial cable, RG11 coaxial cable, high foam cable for communications industry. China.
  • Micro-Coax
    Manufactures flexible microwave cable, ultralight flexible cable, lightwave broadband cables, semi-rigid coaxial cable, and handformable, serving the defense, telecommunications and test/measurement marketplace. USA.
  • Pan International Wire & Cable
    Manufacturing UL/CSA hook up wire, multi-conductor shield cable, coaxial cable, CAT 6 cable, telecommunication cable and wide range of computer cable such as USB cable and multimedia cable. Malaysia.
  • PT GT Kabel Indonesia Tbk
    Produces outdoor communication cables, indoor communication cables, aluminum MV power cables, copper MV power cables, instrument cables, control cables, LV power cables, aluminum rods, and copper rods.
  • SAB Broeckskes GmbH & Co. KG
    Specializes in halogen-free cables, cable track cables, servo motor cables, bus cables, torsion cables, hybrid and special cables, control and connection cables, data cables, besilen (silicone) cables, compensating and extension cables, lift cables, robot cables, tray cables, and cable harnessing. Germany.
  • Superior Cables Ltd.
    Manufactures outdoor telephone cables, indoor telephone and data cables, data cables, fiber optic cables, power cables, microphone cables, multipair unshielded cables, multicore overall shielded cables, hook up wires, coaxial cables, automotive wires, and flexible control cables. Israel.
  • Telecablels s.a.
    Manufactures copper communication cables as well as fibre optic cables for telecommunication and other purposes. The copper communication cables include cellular polyethylene insulation, unfilled or jelly filled cables, armoured or unarmoured cables, UTP, FTP and SFTP data cables. Greece.
  • The Data Cable Co. Inc.
    Contract manufacturer of custom cable assemblies, wire harnessing and electro-mechanical assemblies, serving a widely diverse industry group including automotive, communications, industrial automation, and satellite technology. Canada.

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