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Coaxial cables are widely employed today to carry signals between various electronic devices such as signals are televisions, displays, computers, CRT displays, transceivers, computer stations on a computer network. The signals are typically audio signals, data signals, voice signals, video signals, television signals, or other types of signals. It is particularly common to use coaxial cable to electrically connect a television to a CATV outlet or satellite dish source. Coaxial cable is comprised of an inner conductor, typically copper or copper clad steel or aluminum; a dielectric insulation layer; and an outer conductor. The outer conductor can be a metallic tube conductor or a braid conductor or a foil shield conductor. The dielectric surrounds the inner conductor and electrically insulates it from the surrounding metallic sheath. Signal attenuation in coaxial cables is a direct function of dissipation factor and dielectric constant of the dielectric layer. Radiating and leaky coaxial cables are used as longitudinal antennas in confined spaces like tunnels, mines, buildings and in other stretched-out applications.

Listings on Cables and connectors : Coaxial cables

  • Aecom Electronic & Cable Co., Ltd.
    Specializes in manufacturing and exporting coaxial cable, electronic cable, control cable, computer cables, A/V cables and connectors. China.
  • Aerospace Wire & Cable Inc.
    Manufacturer of communication, signal and coaxial cables, data and low capacitance cables, fire alarm cables, tray and Instrumentation cable, thermocouple and hook-up wire, custom designed cable worksheet. USA.
  • Comp Cable, Inc.
    Manufacturer of irrigation and burial cables, communication cables, portable power cables, fiber optics, shipboard cables, military cables, portable cord, RG coax cables, security cables, stage lighting cables, and tray cables. USA.
  • EZ Form Cable Corporation
    Manufacturer of miniature semi-rigid coaxial cable, semi-rigid and flexible cable assemblies, passive delay lines, and a complete line of coaxial connectors. USA.
  • Fuhao Network Wire Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer and exporter of coaxial cables including insulated cables, screened cables, telephone cords, network cable, and road vehicles cables. China.
  • Haiyan Jiuqugang Electronics Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of coaxial cables, hi-fi electron cable, speaker cable, telephone and LAN cable, connectors and terminals, audio and video cable. China.
  • Hangzhou Tianba Electronic Co., Ltd.
    Specializes in producing the coaxial cables including the aluminum tube coaxial cable, RG braided coaxial cable, and RG braided communication cable, as well as TV antennas. China.
  • Hangzhou Xitianqi Electron Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of coaxial cables, LAN cables, telephone cables, alarm cables, power cables, computer cables, ethernet cables and network cables. China.
  • Hitachi Cable Manchester, Inc.
    Manufacturer of copper premise cable, fiber optic cable, electronic round cable, electronic ribbon cable, and custom cable. USA.
  • Madison Cable
    Manufacturer of coaxial cable, computing and mass storage cables, flat ribbon cable, high flexibility cable, industrial cables, medical cable, serial communication cable, telecommunications cable, and video cable.
  • Mil-Spec Inc.
    Manufacturer of coaxial cable, multi-conductor cable, hook-up wire, bonding braid, buss wire, magnet wire, wirewrap, power cord, ribbon cable, color code, and dual rated material. USA.
  • Omni Cable Corporation
    Manufactures coaxial cable, network communications cable, security and alarm cable, telephone cable, bare copper, switchboard wire, hook up wire, tray cable, instrumentation cable, thermocouple extension cable, data and voice cable. USA.
  • Remee Products Corp.
    Manufacturer of audio and communication cable, coaxial and twinaxial cable, computer and data cable, control cable, fire alarm cable, home theatre cables, local area network cable, multimedia cables, premise wire, security and alarm cable, special sound and video cable. USA.
  • Rockbestos Surprenant Cable Corporation
    Produces armored cables, control cables, critical circuit cables, fire resistant cables, hook-up wire, instrumentation cables, high voltage wire and cable, military specification wire and cable, rig cables, sensor cables, thermocouple tray cables.
  • Shun Fat Electric Manufactory
    Produces access network coaxial cable, physical foam CATV cable, solid PE insulation coaxial cable, digital LAN radio frequency coaxial cable, electric equipment installation wire, digital communication horizontal twisted pair cable, and coaxial cable connector. China.
  • Superior Essex Inc.
    Produces OSP communications cables, premises communications cables, fiber optic cables, magnet wire / winding wire , copper rod, express delivery magnet wire, electrical insulations, and fabricated electrical insulations. USA.
  • Temp-Flex Cable, Inc.
    Manufacturer of coaxial cables, ribbonized cables, twisted pairs, microwave cables, FEP flat ribbon cables, and single wire extrusion. USA.
  • Thermax CDT
    Specializes in the design, development and manufacturing of both copper cables (power and data cables, coaxial cables) and fiber optic, structured wiring systems and cable management solutions. USA.
  • Tianyi Group
    Manufacturer of coaxial cables, local communication cables, trunk and distribution cable, fiber optical cables, twisted pair cables and other communication cables. China.
  • Wonderful Hi-Tech Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of high frequency coaxial cable, RG coaxial cable, flexible cord, hook-up wire, LAN cables, tri insulated wire, and computer cables. Taiwan, China.
  • Zhengdao Wire & Cable Group
    Specializing in production and export of communication cables, telephone wires, data cables, coaxial cables, and specialty cables. China.

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