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Cable ties, also known as harnessing devices, are used for holding together a bundle of objects, such as wires or cables. Many types of cable ties are known ranging from the simple wire twist to fairly complicated devices requiring special tools for implementation. Cable ties include a cable tie head and an elongated tail. Feeding the tail of the tie through the head results in the tie taking the shape of a loop with the tail engaging and being locked in position by a pawl inside the head, the tail being incapable of removal once it is inserted in the head. Cable ties are typically formed by injection molding of a thermoplastic material to form a toothed strap having a head with an aperture therethrough for receipt of the toothed strap. A movable pawl within the head engages the toothed strap to prevent retrograde movement of the strap through the head.

Listings on Cables and connectors : Cable ties

  • Advanced Cable Ties, Inc.
    Full-line manufacturer of cable ties and wiring accessories used in industrial fastener, electronic, electrical, HVAC, and other specialty applications. USA.
  • All States Plastic Manufacturing Co.
    Manufacturer of beaded ties, wire clips and saddles, printed circuit board supports/spacers, and accessory items, as well as a broad line of cable ties and clamps. USA.
  • Bay State Cable Ties
    Manufactures a wide range of wire management and fastener products such as cable ties, cable clamps, mounting accessories, cable straps, wiring duct, electrical terminals, identification products and electrical tape. USA.
  • Cable Ties Express
    Manufacturer and distributor of cable ties and related accessories, including standard cable ties, stainless steel cable ties, releasable cable ties, identification cable ties, screw mount cable ties, hook and loop straps. USA.
  • Changhong Plastic Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of cable ties, terminal blocks, nail clips, wire connectors, tie mounts, cable clamps, cable markers, vinyl wire end caps, cable glands, wiring duct, and insulated terminals. China
  • Davico Industrial Limited
    Manufacturer of releasable cable tie, push mount cable tie, nylon lashing cable tie, miniature marker cable tie, heavy cable tie, nylon cable markers, and cable mounts. UK.
  • Eurolok
    Manufacturer of cable ties and accessories such as coloured cable ties, silver cable ties, cable tie tensioning tools, adhesive bases, cradles, and eyelets. UK.
  • Longhua Daily Electronics Co., Ltd.
    Specializing in manufacturing cable ties, cable clips, cable clamps, plastic screws and nails, tie mounts, universal wheels, and sealing products. China.
  • Shanghai Prosun Industries Co., Ltd.
    Specialized manufacturer of cable ties, tie mounts, wire connectors, cable clips, spiral wrapping bands, cable glands and various plastic accessories for electronics. China.
  • STHENOS d.o.o.
    Specializing in production of ROHS-compliant cable ties suitable for use in all electronic and other applicants that demand resistance to low and high temperatures, resistance to acids, oils, etc. Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • Tengfei Plastic Electric Co., Ltd.
    Produces self-locking nylon cable ties, push mount ties, mountable head ties, releasable cable ties, double locking cable ties, distribution box, cable terminals, insulators and arresters. China.
  • Victoria Products
    Manufactures and distributes cable tie mountings including self adhesive screw fix mountings, low profile self adhesive mountings, self adhesive cable clips, and screw fixed cradles. UK.
  • Württembergische Allplastik GmbH
    Manufacturer of quick fastening cable ties, flat cable ties, round cable ties, and bag fasteners for a wide range of applications. Germany.
  • Yasu Nylon Material Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of self-locking cable ties, cable tie mounts, close-end wire connectors, cable clamp, wire saddles, stand-off twist tie, and circuit board support. China.
  • Yatai Plastics Making Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of self-locking nylon cable ties, double-locking cable ties, releasable cable ties, push mount ties, marker ties, knot ties, cable markers, nylon cable glands, terminal blocks, cable clamps. China.

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