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Complex electronic systems such as computer server and network equipments are usually mounted in open racks or closed cabinets. To store computers, servers and other electronic equipment on or in racks, frames and cabinets, numerous cables and wires are routinely required to power and interconnect these units. There is an increasing need for cable management in order to keep the various cables organized and protected from damage. Although good cable management may not positively enhance network performance, poor cable management will detract from the network performance. Cable management involves efficiently routing cables to minimize the space occupied by such cables. Cable management also involves routing cables in an orderly manner so as to reduce the likelihood of tangling of cables. Ease of cabling is also a factor related to effective cable management. Cable management system manages cables without damaging individual cables. Cable management system organizes the cables into discrete groupings readily identifiable and associated with each specific hardware component, thereby providing rapid identification of the associated cables and speeding up the service process. Cable management system provides the flexibility to adapt to electronic devices of different dimensions and can be easily removed and reinstalled for major services or repairs of the electronic devices.

Listings on Cables and connectors : Cable management

  • Broad Power Solutions
    Provides cable management products including office power and data units, distribution and protection, desk accessories, domestic power and lighting, power poles. UK.
  • Chatsworth Products, Inc.
    Manufacturer of two-post systems, four-post systems, wall, ceiling and under-floor systems, zone cabling and wireless enclosures, cable management and runway, and accessories. USA.
  • DeviceWorks Company
    Produces cable managers, cable manager wall mount kit,10-desk cable manager pro kit, cable caddy, cable ties (hook & loop), cable guides, cable and cord labels, and bungee straps. USA.
  • Ebo Systems
    Manufacturer of cable management systems in glass reinforced polyester (GRP) cable management systems, fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP cable tray), including cable tray, cable ladder tray, pressmoulded / pultruded cable tray, fixing and supports. France.
  • Electrix International Ltd.
    Manufacturer of stainless steel trunking, stainless steel conduit, stainless steel cable tray, stainless steel enclosures, stainless steel wire basket cable tray, stainless steel supports and stainless steel fasteners. UK.
  • GS Metals Corp.
    Manufactures metal products and systems sucha as metal framing for mechanical and electrical applications, upport system for electrical cables, versatile telecommunication / datacommunications cable management system. USA.
  • Longnan Communication Equipment Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of connection module system, label holder, wiring blocks, subscriber terminal block, distribution box system, insertion and punch tool, network accessories-face plate, keystone jack and patch panel, and fiber optic splicing tray. China.
  • LPA Group PLC.
    Designs, manufactures and distributes power and cable management systems, cabling and hHarnesses, connectors, electro-mechanical components. UK.
  • Marshall-Tufflex
    Manufactures cable management products including PVC-U sterling perimeter systems, sterling busbar, data banagement systems, PVC-U domestic / commercial systems, GRP systems, sterling powerpoles and posts, and floor distribution systems. UK.

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