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Cable connectors are used for electrical and mechanical connection between an open, movable cable and a mating connector that is stationary or that is also connected with a cable. Electrical cable connectors come in all sizes and shapes and include high voltage, low voltage, high frequency or low frequency types. Multiple pole cable connectors are commonly used for connectors for high-frequency communications, connecting circuit boards contained in a personal computer, or connecting between a liquid crystal display panel and a processing unit. Single-pole connectors are used to connect a single wire or cable. One type of connector uses a retention screw to secure a contact of the connector in an insulating sleeve of the connector. Another type of connector uses a contact having a locking drive pin. Coaxial connectors frequently are used with home entertainment equipment due to the excellent preventing EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) function, stable electrical properties and high bending durability. The size and signal carrying ability of a coaxial connector often is quantified by standards developed for the military. Fiber optic cables and connectors have been used for some time in the telecommunications and broadcast industries. Signal cable connectors are used to establish continuity between the connectors of household audio-video equipment to conduct signals of varying frequencies and formats such as the audio, composite video, S-VHS (super VHS) video, and component video signals widely used by household audiovisual appliances. Inline electrical connectors are used to connect two cables containing multiple wires. They are used in numerous applications that vary from blood pump systems to airplane cockpits to data transmission lines. Hermaphroditic type electrical connectors are electrical connectors which are mateable with identical electrical connectors. Hermaphroditic type cable connectors are used in the construction of modular housing and recreational vehicles in a factory environment. Metal shielding is commonly used in electrical connectors, especially in high speed application, to enclose an insulative housing and a plurality of contacts received in the housing thereby protecting signals transmitted through the connector from an external electromagnetic interference.

Listings on Cables and connectors : Cable connectors

  • Aecom Electronic & Cable Co., Ltd.
    Specializes in manufacturing and exporting cables and cable connectors including coaxial cable, electronic cable, control cable, computer cables, A/V cables and their connectors. China.
  • B.I.M. Limited
    Manufactures moulded-to-cable oval connectors, moulded-to-cable round connectors, polarized connectors, oulded-to-cable round control connectors, attachable connectors, and specialty connectors. Canada.
  • Dynamism Technological Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of electronic connectors including FPC connectors, wafer connectors, USB connectors, pin header connectors, female header connectors. China.
  • Grandnet Communication Supplies Ltd.
    Manufactures board to board connectors, discrete wire connectors, ribbon cable connectors, FPC/FFC cable connectors, card slot connectors, socket connectors, terminals, and terminal blocks. China.
  • Jingmi Electron Electronic Co., Ltd.
    Produces flexible flat cable connectors, power switches, rocker switches, AV coaxial sockets, slight touch switches, transformers, and radiators. China.
  • Juche Group Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of MCCBs, MCBs, RCCBs, AC contactors, capacitors, transformers, switches, relays, sockets, fuses, cable ties, and cable connectors. China.
  • Lonsid Electric Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of wire harnesses, water dispensers, CRT sockets, connectors, AV outlets, SCART sockets, cable, jacks, vedio cable, audio cable, and power relays. China.
  • Ningbo Victory Electronic Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of splitters, taps, band separators, attenuators, active and passive amplifiers, connectors, wall outlet plates, LNB connectors and other related products. China.
  • Radiall
    Global manufacturer of interconnect components including RF/coaxial connectors and cable assemblies, antennas, fiber optic components, microwave components and multipin connectors for the automotive, telecommunication, military and aerospace markets.
  • Yueqing Conwell Electrical Co., Ltd.
    Specialized manufacturer of sub-junction boxes, waterproof junction boxes, connectors, piercing connectors, cable connectors, electric power fittings and electric power metal instruments. China.

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