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A cable assembly is commonly used to electrical interconnect two separate electrical systems. An electrical cable assembly  comprises, an electrical cable with multiple electrical conductors, and a housing attached to the cable, and electrical contacts in the housing. The cable assembly typically includes a cable and two cable end connectors respectively terminated at opposite ends of the cable. The cable can be a coaxial cable, a flat cable or a multi-wire cable. For a cable assembly without signal conditioning circuit elements, the electrical contacts connect directly to respective cable conductors. For a cable assembly with signal conditioning circuit elements, such as resistors, capacitors and inductors, the circuit elements are mounted in the housing, and are connected with electrical contacts in the housing. With the popularization of portable electronic devices such as desktop computers and notebook computers, a cable assembly used to transmit signals in such devices is required to have a minimized cable diameter as well as a low profile configuration for at least one of the cable end connectors. An electrical connector known as a serial advanced trechnology attachment (serial ATA) connector is developed to be generally used for connecting storage peripheral devices such as hard disk drives with a mother printed circuit board. The Serial ATA connector has many advantages such as low voltage requirement, low pin count and high speed transmission.

Listings on Cables and connectors : Cable assemblies

  • Cal Test Electronics, Inc.
    Manufacturer of oscilloscope probes, RF cable assemblies, insulated RF cable assemblies, RF breakout assemblies, universial coaxial adapters, DMM accessory kits, modular probes, probes leads, banana plugs, leads and jacks. USA.
  • Carlyle, Inc.
    Manufacturer of custom cable assemblies and distributor of wire, cable, and networking products such as work station outlets, raised floor systems, racks, cabinets and cable management products, low voltage signal cables, networking hardware and power management. USA.
  • Cobra Wire & Cable, Inc.
    Manufacturer of battery systems cables, central office power cables, coaxil cables, diesel locomotive cables, high temperature cables, high voltage power cables, hook up wire, instrumentation cables, power control cables, and special construction cables. USA.
  • Custom Computer Cables Inc.
    Provides copper and fiber optic cable assemblies, external / internal computer cables, round, flat ribbon, SCSI, USB, Cat.5 / 5e and Category 6, fibre channel, wire harnesses, router cables, LAN/WAN, T1/E1, T3/E3, and DS3 cables, wire harnesses, and specialty assemblies. USA.
  • Emerson Network Power Connectivity Solutions
    Global manufacturer of a broad line of connectivity products and services specializing in precision coaxial connectors and cable assemblies, microwave components, CATV components, telecom/broadband/OEM cable Assemblies, and fiber optic cable assemblies.
  • EZ Form Cable Corporation
    Design and manufacture of coaxial cable, assemblies, and connectors. Products include miniature semi-rigid coaxial cable, semi-rigid and flexible cable assemblies, coaxial delay lines, and coaxial RF connectors, supplied to customers throughout the microwave industry. USA.
  • Florida RF Labs, Inc.
    Development and manufacture of high quality thin film microwave resistive products, and high reliability RF and microwave coaxial cable assemblies used in military, space, commercial, broadcast and medical applications. USA.
  • L-com, Inc.
    Specializes in building cable assemblies and connectivity products including assembled and Injection molded data cables, fiber optic cable assemblies and adaptors, modular and telco assemblies, low loss video and monitor cables, special bulk cable formulations. USA.
  • LTK Group
    Specializes in producing cables for consumer electronics and telecommunications. Products include high-speed interface cables, digital cables, digital interconnecting cables, broadband cables, fiber optic cables, high-speed cables, and broadband coaxial cables. Hong Kong, China.
  • Panduit Corp.
    Manufacturer of products for wiring and communications applications, including cable ties, copper solutions, fiber cable routing, identification and labeling products, managed network solutions, power and grounding connectors, terminal loose piece, and wiring duct. USA.
  • Pomona Electronics
    Produces high-performance connectors and cables designed specifically for the rigorous demands of broadcast and multi-media applications. Products include coaxial adapters, RF adapters, BNC breakouts, coaxial & RF cables, low frequency cables, DMM test leads and probes. USA.
  • Pure Note Audio Cables
    Manufacturer of high-end audio cables including speaker cables, RCA interconnects, XLR interconnects, digital cables, interwoven zero crystal silver ribbon conductors, and power cords. USA.
  • Quality Interconnect Cabling, LLC
    Manufacturer of copper and fiber optic cable assemblies including 5e patch cables, DataMax 6e patch cables, standard and custom fiber optic cable assemblies, computer network and telecom cable assemblies. USA.
  • Shanghai Delikon Tubing
    Manufactures and exports an extensive range of metallic and non-metallic electrical flexible conduits and fittings for a variety of installations requiring motion, vibration and bending. The products also offer mechanical and moisture protection to enclosed conductors. China.

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