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Conventional signal transmissions are often completed using analog methods, and as a result, audio connectors are frequently designed in analog standards. A conventional audio jack connector is mounted on a circuit board for mating with an external plug for signal transmission. Those electrical connectors of this sort are of standardized design, dimensions, and materials. Connectors used to terminate loudspeaker cabling have historically included binding posts and modified types of binding posts. The majority of high-fidelity loudspeaker and power amplifier manufacturers utilize a universal binding post called a "5-way binding post" or similar variant. Audio connector plugs are normally provided with a terminal end portion having a cam surface which separates a pair of contacts when inserted into the external speaker jack for transmitting audio signals to an external speaker. With the development of the multimedia computer, audio jack electrical connectors are widely used. Audio receptacle connectors have been widely employed in audio-visual products. Their primary function is to transmit audio signal between two systems. An audio connector (also called audio jack) is usually installed on a printed circuit board. Connectors used for connecting audio and video cables to the associated equipment frequently comprise a cylindrical member for axial connection with the balanced cable at one end. The other end of the cylindrical member has a pin connector coaxially located within a sleeve connector. The terminals extending from the speaker are soldered directly to audio signal wires and in others, an electrical connector from a wiring harness is attached to the speaker terminals.

Listings on Cables and connectors : Audio connectors

  • Amphenol Australia Pty Ltd.
    Manufacturer of audio connectors such as XLR cable connectors, XLR metal chassis mount connectors, PDN speaker connectors, high power connectors, phone plugs and jacks, circular multipin and socapex connectors.
  • Array Connector Corporation
    Designs and manufactures multi-pin rectangular and circular connectors with contact terminations in solder, crimp and printed circuit board versions. USA.
  • Astrocom Electronics, Inc.
    Manufactures headsets, cables, cable assemblies, microphones, dynamic and boom assemblies, ear and microphone elements, connectors and switches as well as accessories. USA.
  • Cahoot Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of audio connectors and adapters, RF coaxial connectors and adapters, AV cable sets, CATV parts, speaker parts, AV stands, car audio parts and accessories. China.
  • Deltron Emcon Limited
    Manufacturer of audio connectors, EMC mains filters, surge protection devices, die cast enclosures, patching products, routing switchers, production equipment and tooling. UK.
  • Dongguan Kangxiang Electronics Co., Ltd.
    Manufactures a range of connectors for telephones, VGA cards, sound cards, hubs, MP3 players, communications, CD/VCD/DVD drives, digital cameras, digital TV sets, mobile phones and PC applications. China.
  • Electro-Mechanical Corporation
    Manufacturer of coaxial connectors, SMT connectors, IR remote controls, IR & RF headsets, fiber optic products, wire harnesses and assemblies, and mechanical assemblies. USA.
  • Fubicom Technology Co., Ltd.
    Taiwanese manufacturer of Bluetooth products such as iPod wireless adapters, necklace and PC dongles, motorcycle commmunicators. Also manufacture Skype wireless phones.
  • Hualing Electronic Components Factory
    Produces audio & video connectors and cables, computer cable, fiber optic cables, electrical connection wires, fuses and fuse holders, battery holders and clips. China.
  • Jay-Tronics, Inc.
    Produces cable, connectors, jacks, adapters, speakers, wire, Decorator, binding posts, wall plates, tools, circuit board kits, home theatre, turntable needles, turn table belts, plugs, gold connectors, F-connectors. USA.
  • Nexus, Incorporated
    Manufacturer of commercial telephone plugs and jacks, military telephone plugs and jacks, military audio plugs, military jack-switch combinations, and push-button switches. USA.
  • Pasternack Enterprises, Inc.
    Manufactures and sells coaxial connectors, coaxial adapters, coaxial cables, attenuators, directional couplers, fiber optic connectors, fiber optic cables, twinax connectors, twinax adapters, power dividers, coaxial switches, terminators and tools. USA.
  • Phoenix of Chicago, Inc.
    Manufacturer of coax contacts and connectors, subminiature connectors, microminiature connectors, coax adapters, military audio connectors, multi-pin connectors, filtered connectors, and cable assemblies. USA.
  • Soundking Group Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer and exporter of line array, professinal amplifiers, mixing consoles, microphone, cables, audio connectors, and all kinds of stands. China.
  • Steren Electronics International
    Manufactures products for broadband cable and satellite TV operators, cabling and telephony systems contractors, and building contractors, among others. USA.
  • WPI/General Connector
    Manufctaurer of audio connectors, circular connectors, D-subminiature connectors, electrical connectors, and military connectors. USA.

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