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Audio cable or video cable is required to transmit signals while the transmission signals should be prevented from being attenuated and major frequency components of the signals. A/Vcable should transmit the electrical signals in an optimal mode with minimal losses and distortions. A/V cables are variously designed to decrease the attenuation and strain of a signal waveform and to eliminate influences due to external noise by improving the amplitude characteristics and phase characteristics of signals to be transmitted.Audio cables are intended for transmission of audio signals from an electrical signal source with an amplifier to a converter of electrical signals into sound or acoustic signals. When electric signals in the audio range are transmitted by cable, there is always some loss in fidelity of the signal. Various shielding structures are provided for reducing this effect. Various cables, including a metallic core and a surrounding sleeve of magnetically permeable material (such as ferrite), have been used for transmission of radio frequency signals to reduce radio frequency attenuation. Optical fibers may be used to transmit a digital video signal from a digital camera to an editing system. The digital image signal from the camera is converted to an encoded train of light pulses by a camera adapter using a loss-less conversion process. Electric wires and cables utilize conductors for the transmission of signals. Typically, the cross-sectional area of conductors used in a wire or cable is chosen in view of the expected magnitude of transmission current.

Listings on Cables and connectors : Audio and video cables

  • ACS Industries, Inc.
    Manufacturer of copper and fiber optic cable and passive components for telecom, voice and data communications. Products include fiber enclosures, attenuators, couplers, WDM's, wiring harnesses and copper cable assemblies. USA.
  • AFAB Enterprises, Inc.
    Provides guitar, mic and XLR cables, toslink, SPDIF and AES/EBU cables, audio snakes, bulk audio cable, speaker cables, S-video cables, component video cable, BNC cables, data cables, and kramer electronics. USA.
  • Alberta Cable Company
    Manufacturer of A/V cables, power cables, printer cables, network cables, fibre optics attenuators and couplers, serial cables, KVM switches, adaptors, splitters, SCSI cables and rerminators. Canada.
  • Archtec Electronics Corporation
    Manufacturer and supplier of RCA cables and adapters, SVHS & DVD cables and adapters, MM cables and adapters, CD-Rom, molex, soundblaster cables, fiber optic cables, and computer cables. USA.
  • Cables To Go
    Manufacturer and distributor of audio video cables, monitor cables, PDA/cell phone cables, SCSI cables, PC cables, projector cables, adapters, connectors, and gender changers. USA.
  • Canare Corporation
    Manufactures audio and video cable, 75 Ohm BNC, F and RCA connectors, patchbays, cable reels, snake systems, assemblies, crimp tools and cable atrippers. USA.
  • Cardas Audio, Ltd.
    Porduces interconnects, speaker cables, digital, video cables, power cables, phono cables, tone arm cables, jumper cables, headphone cables, custom cables, adapters, and turntables. USA.
  • Copp Systems Integrator
    Produces low voltage wires and cables for CCTV, security, fire alarm, sound, and audio-visual communication. Products include communication/security cable, fire alarm cable, coaxial cable, home networking cable, and direct burial cable. USA.
  • Gepco International, Inc.
    Designs, manufactures, and markets audio cable, video cable, cable assemblies, connectors and specialty products. A distributor for such cable-related products as patch bays, connectors, and tools. USA.
  • Gotham Audio Cables
    Produces analog audio cables, double shielded multipair cables, unbalanced cable for guitar or phono interconnect leads, ultraflexible 2-conductor microphone cable, single shielded multipair cables, digital audio cables, and speaker cable. Germany.
  • Hengke Wire & Cable Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of telephone wire, spring cord, test lead set, coaxial cable, audio-video cable, audio cable, patch cable, jack, plug, and connectors. China.
  • John Thorpe Audio
    Manufactures flexible ptfe power cables, flexible silicon power cables, heavy gauge ptfe loudspeaker cables, and silver interconnects. UK.
  • Monster Cable Products, Inc.
    Manufacturer of high performance cables that connect audio/video components for home, car and professional use as well as computers and computer games. USA.
  • Pear Cable Audio Cables
    Manufacturer of high fidelity audio cables for both home and car audio. Products include analog interconnect, speaker cable, comice silver interconnect, comice speaker cable, comice power cable, bosc interconnect, and bosc speaker cable. USA.
  • Shift Audio
    Manufactures audio cables, video cables, analog interconnects, component video cables, speaker cables, MP3 cables, monster cable, isolation devices,dampening, DVD cables, and HDTV cables. USA.
  • Supra Cables
    Manufacturer of loudspeaker cables, interconnect cables, mains cables, marine/car cables, stage box, mains cord sets, connectors, interconnects, mains block, and accessories. Sweden.
  • TMC, The Mate Company
    Manufacturer of fiber optic cables, external SCSI cables, internal SCSI cables, Internal terminators, external and diagnostic terminators, SCSI internal and external adapters, and SCSI converters. USA.

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