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A solar cell generates electric energy from sunlight by converting light energy into electrical energy. The conversion of the sun's electromagnetic energy into electricity occurs in a wide variety of semiconductor materials. A solar cell includes a junction of an n-type and a p-type semiconductor (p-n junction).  Single element semiconductors, such as silicon (Si) and germanium (Ge), as well as some compound materials, such as gallium arsenide (GaAs), cadmium telluride (CdTe) and indium phosphide (InP), are capable of forming junctions that create a built-in electric field in the material. These materials are further capable of absorbing photons of energy sufficient to create electron-hole pairs, thereby creating an electrical current. Solar radiation is composed of photons, which are particles that have a variable energy depending on the wavelength of the emissions in the solar spectrum.

Listings on Batteries : Solar cells

  • Canrom Photovoltaics Inc.
    Manufactures solar cells, modules, systems, and testing equipment along with quality third-party inverters, batteries, and controllers designed for photovoltaic applications. USA.
  • Colorado Instruments, Inc.
    Manufactures a wide variety of solar (photovoltaic) powered products for educational, consumer, electronic and custom OEM markets. Products include solar panels, solar battery chargers, silent symphony rainbow maker, and motion displays. USA.
  • ErSol Solar Energy AG
    Manufactures and distributes photovoltaic products including monocrystalline silicon ingots and wafers, multi- and monocrystalline silicon solar cells, solar modules, and photovoltaic modules. Germany.
  • GE Infrastructure
    Produces crystalline silicon based solar electric power products including single-crystal silicon solar cells, solar modules, complete packages for residential systems, remote home and village systems, commercial systems and remote off-grid industrial systems. USA.
  • Helios Technology Srl
    Manufacturer of solar cells, modules, photovoltaic systems, charge regulators and accessories for stand alone systems, fronius and kinetic inverter. Italy.
  • Solar Technology International Ltd.
    Design and manufacture of high-powered solar photovoltaic panels and extraordinarily good products powered by solar energy including solar cells, lighting and chargers. UK.
  • Solems S.A.
    Manufacturing photovoltaic modules, photovoltaic systems and solar cells in amorphous silicon for applications in consumer electronics, professional stand-alone systems, solar radiation and lux measurements. France.
  • Spectrolab, Inc.
    Manufacturer of space solar cells and panels including terrestrial concentrator solar cells and modules, searchlight systems, solar simulators, and photodetector products. USA.
  • SunPower Corporation
    Designs, manufactures and sells high efficiency solar cells and solar panels that generate electricity from sunlight for residential, commercial and remote power applications. USA.
  • Trony Science & Technology Develop Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of amorphous silicon solar cells, crystalline silicon solar modules, photovoltaic generation system, and related solar application products. China.
  • VHF-Technologies
    Produces flexible custom-designed solar cells and modules, including flexible solar modules, outdoor solar chargers, accessories for mobiles and PDAs. Switzerland.
  • Viva Solar Inc.
    Manufacturer of monocrystal silicon photovoltaic solar cells, aluminium frame and glass solar PV modules, double sided aluminium frame and glass solar PV modules, solar PV modules, and monocrystal silicon wafers. Canada.
  • Mobile-Solar
    Specializing in wireless energy such as solar batteries and chargers, standard NiMH cells, antennas and mobile phone accessories. Australia.
  • Plastecs Company
    Manufactures PDA and PC solar chargers, solar battery chargers, solar battery extenders, cellphone solar battery chargers, small solar panels, and crystalline photovoltaic solar cells. USA.
  • Solarfun Power Holdings, Ltd.
    Specializes in photovoltaic technology. Solarfun offers PV cells and modules to customers worldwide via a global distribution network. China.

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