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The lithium secondary battery uses a lithium compound as the active material of positive electrode and a carbon material as the negative electrode. Lithium is useful and attractive as an active material in an organic electrolyte battery because it has high energy density and good rechargeability. Lithium secondary batteries generate electricity by lithium ions migrating between a cathode and an anode. In the battery, the lithium ion in the positive electrode active material moves into the negative electrode active material during charging and, during discharging, the lithium ion captured by the negative electrode moves into the positive electrode. Lithium secondary batteries are classified according to the kind of electrolyte used, into lithium ion batteries and lithium ion polymer batteries. Lithium ion polymer batteries are generally preferred over lithium ion batteries because of no risk of liquid electrolyte leakage and the capability of shaping it into any form such as ultra-thin battery. Lithium battery has been the preferred power sources for various applications because of its higher energy density per volume, longer cycle life of charge-discharge and the absence of a memory effect problem.

Listings on Batteries : Lithium battery

  • APL Tech Battery Industry Sendirian Berhad
    Manufacturer of normal and high discharge rate polymer lithium-ion batteries for cell phones, camcorder, digital cameras, medical apparatus, and power tools. Malaysia.
  • Battery Center, Inc.
    Manufacturer of lithium cylindrical batteries, sealed lead-acid batteries, Sealed pure-lead cells, rechargable wet lead-acid batteries, nickel-cadmium cells, alkaline batteries, and battery chargers. USA.
  • BYD Company Limited
    Manufacturer of rechargeable lithium ion batteries, rechargeable Ni-Cd batteries, LCD/LCM, plastic housing/tooling, keypad, FPC, camera and vibrator. China.
  • E-One Moli Energy Corp
    The high volume manufacturer of cylindrical lithium-ion rechargeable cells and battery pack products. Provides design engineering, applications testing, and turn key battery system solutions in portable & mobile devices. Taiwan, China.
  • Ener1, Inc.
    Manufacturer of high-rate lithium battery for hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs), nanotechnology-based materials and manufacturing processes for batteries and other applications. USA.
  • Jauch Quartz GmbH
    Manufacturer of lithium button cells, lithium round cells, alkaline batteries, rechargeable batteries, watch batteries, hearing aid batteries, battery holders, and battery chargers. Germany.
  • NEC TOKIN America, Inc.
    Manufacturer of lithium ion rechargeable batteries, capacitors, optical devices, magnetic card readers, xDSL splitters, parmanent magnets, ferrite cores, transformers, choke coils, and multilayers piezoelectric actuators.
  • PolyPlus Battery Company
    Specialized manufacturer of lithium metal batteries, including protected Li electrodes, lithium-air cells, lithium-sulfur batteries, and aqueous-lithium batteries. USA.
  • Shenzhen B&K Technology Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of Li-ion battery cells such as steel rind lithium-ion battery, aluminium rind lithium-ion battery, ALB/polymer lithium battery, and power battery. China.
  • Tadiran U.S. Battery Division
    Manufacturer of lithium thionyl chloride cells for apllications in AMR utility meters, automotive devices, deep hole drilling, electronic toll tags, GPS emergency locators, animal tracking , medical devices, oceanographic buoys, and remote monitoring. USA.
  • Tracer Technologies, Inc.
    Manufactures battery packs with lithium primary cells, lithium-ion cells, nickel metal hydride cells, and nickel cadmium cells for laptops and specialty applications. USA.
  • U&C Batteries Private Limited
    Development and manufacturing of vented and sealed cylindrical nickel cadmium batteries, rechargeable nickel-metal hydride, and lithium-ion batteries. India.
  • Vitzrocell Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of lithium batteries (lithium MnO2, lithium SOCI2), for use in utility meters, telecommunication, GPS system, space area, and radio frequency ID. Korea.
  • Wuhan Fute Technology Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of lithium battery 3.6V(LiSOCL2) and 3.0V(LiMnO2) primary cylindrical lithium batteries. China.

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