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The largest single application of lead-acid storage batteries is for the starting, lighting, and ignition of automobiles, trucks and buses. A lead-acid battery has been widely applied as an inexpensive reliable high safety secondary battery for SLI (starting, lighting and ignition) and other purposes. Lead-acid batteries are made up of a series of lead-acid cells. Lead-acid batteries comprise positive and negative electrode plates separated by microporous separators, with sulfuric acid serving as an electrolyte. In general lead acid batteries, an electrode plate is formed by coating lead oxide as a positive active material or lead as a negative active material on a grid made of lead or a lead alloy. The positive and negative plates each comprise a lead or lead alloy grid that supports an electrochemically active material. The active material is a lead based material that is pasted onto the grid. The grids provide an electrical contact between the positive and negative active materials which serves to conduct current. The respective positive and negative plates are connected in parallel with the power or current output of a cell being determined by the number and size of the plates. Lead-acid storage batteries are also widely used in aircraft and boats with virtually unlimited applications also existing in non-motive situations.

Listings on Batteries : Lead-acid battery

  • All Power Battery
    Manufacturer of sealed lead acid batteries for commercial applications such as medical, security, lighting, ups, and scotters. Also produces ni cads nickel metal hydride and lithium. Canada.
  • GS Battery (U.S.A.) Inc.
    Manufacturer of valve-regulated lead-acid batteries, rechargeable motorcycle batteries, and rechargeable lithium-ion batteries for use in electric vehicle, space application, and industrial application.
  • Hangzhou Haijiu Battery Co., Ltd.
    Specialized lead-acid battery manufacturer, products include motorcycle battery, electric bike battery, riding mower battery, automobile battery, and UPS battery. China.
  • Hawker Energy Products, Inc.
    Produces flooded and valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) batteries for telecommunications, UPS, security, emergency lighting, general electronics, medical, aviation, military and sport and leisure. USA.
  • Power-Cell Battery Products, LLC
    Manufacturer of sealed lead acid and custom battery packs, offers OEM services of pack assembly, cable design and assembly, injection molding, ultrasonic welding. USA.
  • Trojan Battery Company
    Manufactures lead-acid deep cycle batteries for use in floor machine, marine, renewable energy, RV and utility vehicle applications. USA.
  • Global Technology Systems, Inc.
    Manufacturer of portable data collection device batteries, portable printer batteries, two-way radio batteries, and uninterruptible power supply batteries. USA.
  • Hawker Powersource, Inc.
    Specialized manufacturer of industrial lead-acid batteries for applications in telecommunications and aircraft, UPS systems and submarines. USA.
  • Innergy Power Corporation, Inc.
    Design and manufacture of thin sealed lead batteries and high-quality flat-panel multicrystalline PV solar modules including unique solar/battery hybrid modules. USA.
  • Power-Sonic Corporation
    Produces rechargeable sealed lead-acid batteries, sealed nickel-cadmium batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries, custom battery packs, and battery chargers for both SLA and NiCd batteries. USA.
  • Shamas Battery Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer and exporter of valve-controlled lead-acid battery and electrode plates for lead-acid battery. China.
  • Shenzhen Stand Power Industrial Co., Ltd.
    Offers a wide range of VRLA batteries covering models of mostly applicable of AGM and GEL batteries for long service life, deep cycle service, high rate discharge and telecomm service. China.
  • Tong Yong Battery Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of valve-regulated (sealed) lead-acid batteries, flooded motorcycle batteries, and maintenance-free motorcycle battery. China.
  • Zhongshan Fengge Battery Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of sealed lead acid battery including automobile battery, motorcycle battery, and valve regulated sealed lead acid batteries. China.

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